Direct flights between Mexico and Italy


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Airlines serving the Italy-Mexico international niche

There are currently three airlines participating in the Italy – Mexico international flight niche, all of which are Italian, the country’s flagship carrier Alitalia, along with Blue Panorama and Neos.

In the past, the Mexican flagship carrier Aeromexico also operated in this niche but nowadays only commercializes -via its codeshare agreement- the Alitalia flights.

See below for further -airline specific- information.

Mexican airlines with direct flights to Italy

There are no Mexican airlines operating in this international niche at present.

Italy-based airlines with direct flights to Mexico


ALITALIA in Mexico

Alitalia in Mexico City
Alitalia, a SkyTeam member airline since 2001, provides flights uniting the capital cities of Italy and Mexico: Rome to/from Mexico City.

Alitalia has offered direct flights between Italy and Mexico since the launch of the services in June, 2016., according to the airline’s official Web site, making Mexico City the company’s fifth Latin American destination, along with Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), as well as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The company’s flights currently -Sept. 2019- leave from the Roma-Fiumicino International Airport (FCO) and arrive to Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX) offering five weekly frequencies NOT Tues. or Thurs, operating the route with its Boeing 777-200 / 200ER aircraft.

See Alitalia in Mexico City

This Italian flagship carrier is a partner of Aeromexico -the Mexican flagship carrier- through its membership of SkyTeam, which also commercializes the above flights; in addition, it partners with the Mexican LCC Interjet, so can offer several connection options from Mexico City for those interested in travelling further afield than the Mexican capital.

Throughout 2018, Alitalia transported 96,876 passengers to Mexico, according to figures released by Mexico’s Transport and Communications Ministry (SCT).

Alitalia is one of three Italy-based airlines offering direct Italy-Mexico flights, but the only one providing services to/from Mexico City.

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official Alitalia Web site

Alitalia office – Rome:
Via Alberto Nassetti, Pal. NHQ – 00054, Fiumicino (RM)

Alitalia telephone – Italy:
Information/Assistance: 89-20-10

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Blua Panorama offers two Italian gateways to Mexico’s most famous Caribbean resort of Cancun, from Milan and from Rome.

Blue Panorama Airlines offers just one Italian gateway to Mexico by way of the company’s direct flights from Milan Malpensa International Airport (MXP) to Cancun International Airport (CUN) currently -Sept. 2019- offering weekly services on Mondays.

In the past, the company also provided services connecting the Roma Fiumicino Airport (FCO), also kown as the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport with Cancun, but these have been withdrawn.

See Blue Panorama in Cancun

To cover the Mexico-bound routes, the company operates its long-range Boeing aircraft, more specifically, the B767-300/ER, offering both ‘Business’ and ‘Economy’ options; Blue Panorama also offers business charter flights under the name Executive Blue.

Throughout 2018 -according to figures published by Mexico’s Transport and Communications Ministry (SCT)- Blue Panorama carried 22,946 passengers in the trans-Atlantic niche between Italy and Mexico.

Blue Panorama was founded in 1998 in Rome and became an IATA (International Air Transport Association) member airline in 2002. Nowadays this carrier operates a fleet of 3 x Boeing 767s for its long-haul operations, plus 4 x Boeing 737-800 (189 seats), 4 x Boeing 737-400 (168 seats) and 1 x Boeing 737-300 (148 seats) for its medium range flights, according to the official Web page.

Blue panorama is one of three Italy-based airlines offering direct Italy-Mexico flights.

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official Blue Panorama Web site

Blue Panorama office – Rome:
Viale Delle Arti, 123 Pal. D – 00054 Fiumicino (RM), Italy

Blue Panorama telephone – Italy:
39 (06) 9895-6666

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NEOS AIR in Mexico

Neos offers flights to Cancun, on Mexico’s Caribbean coast from three Italian gateways: Milan, Rome and Verona.

Neos Air was founded in June, 2001., and operates three bases in Bologne, Milan and Verona; though the company didn’t launched its long-haul routes until December of 2012.

See Neos in Cancun

The company currently -Sept. 2019- offers two Italian gateways to Cancun International Airport (CUN) leaving from Roma Fiumicino International Airport (FCO) offering one weekly flight on Thursdays.

Neos Air‘s other Italian gateway to Mexico is the Milan Malpensa International Airport (MXP) from where it currently serves Cancun with 1 weekly frequency on Thurs.).

In the past the company also operated flights between the Verona-Villafranca International Airport (VRN), but they were withdrawn in May 2019.

According to the official figures of Mexico’s Transport and Communications Ministry (SCT), Neos S.P.A. transported – Blue Panorama transported 53,878 passengers in the Italy-Mexico niche.

To cover its routes to Mexico, Neos operates its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, of which it currently has three; the other aircraft in company’s fleet are Boeing 737-800s and Boeing 767-300s, according to the official Web site.

Neos is one of three Italy-based airlines offering direct Italy-Mexico flights.

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official Neos Web site

Neos office – Varese:
Via Della Chiesa 68, 21019 Somma Lombardo, Varese, VAT 08254440012

Neos telephone – Italy:
Booking office – Freephone: 800- 325-955

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