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Airlines serving the Russia-Mexico international niche

In the past, the international Russia-Mexico flight niche was traditionally served by Trans Aero and Aeroflot -the country’s flagship carrier- but nowadays these airlines have withdrawn their services from this market niche.

Over the Winter 2018/19 season,  the two Russian airlines serving the Russia-Mexico niche were Azur Air and Nordwind Airlines, but for the current -Winter 2019/20 season- Azur Air has been replaced in this market by the Russian charter airline Royal Flight Airlines, which entered this market as of October 2019; so this niche is still operated by two carriers, despite the dynamic nature of this market.

As yet there have been no Mexican airlines that have offered direct services between Mexico and Russia, though last year there was talk of Interjet -the Mexican LCC (Low Cost Carrier)- possibly incorporating services to Russia. However, as yet, there has been no official confirmation of this from the airline.

And finally -back in September 2018- it was reported that the new -as of Dec. 1, 2018- Mexican government plans to eliminate visa requirements for Russian citizens visiting Mexico -and vice versa– sometime in 2019. We’re still awaiting the official announcement and will let you know if -and when- that actually happens.

For its part, Russia -on Oct. 1, 2019- launched a new electronic visa -valid for 53 countries- including Mexico, so Mexican citizens can now visit San Petersburg -or the Leningrad region- in Russia, as a tourist for up to 30 days by applying online by way of this external electronic visa Web site, the good news is its free.

Throughout 2018 around 50,000 Russian tourists visited the Riviera Maya, so that number should increase once the visa requirements are withdrawn.

See below for further -airline specific- information on flights between Russia and Mexico.

Mexican airlines with direct flights to Russia

There are no Mexican airlines currently offering direct services to Russia.

Russia-based airlines with direct flights to Mexico



Nordwind Airlines operates seasonal services between Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) and Cancun Airport (CUN).


Nordwind Airlines offers direct flights to just one Mexican destination: Cancun, which it serves from the Sheremetyevo International Airport of Moscow (SVO) to arrive to the International Airport of Cancun (CUN).

See Nordwind Airlines in Cancun

This Russian airline began its services to Cancun in Oct. 2018 as part of an international expansion in its route portfolio and served this Caribbean destination over the Winter 2018/19 season; according to the company’s official Web site, the said services ran until May, 2019.

Currently -Sept. 2019- Nordwind is offering one weekly frequency on its SVO-CUN services, the flights being on Saturdays.

The company has a fleet of 27 aircraft and operates the Moscow-Cancun route with its Boeing 777-300 aircraft. This carrier was founded -in August 2008- by the Russian tour operator Pegas Touristik, which is based in Msocow.

Nordwind Airlines is one of two leisure carriers serving the international niche between Russia and Mexico.



Royal Flight Airlines is a Russian charter company offering flights between Moscow and Cancun for the Winter season 2019/20.


Royal Flight Airlines is offering seasonal charter flights to Mexico’s Caribbean coast, uniting the Sheremetyevo International Airport of Moscow (SVO-CUN) Cancun International Airport.

See Royal Flight Airlines in Cancun

This company landed in Cancun -for the first time- on Oct. 29, 2019., and this Mexican resort is its third Caribbean destination, the others being Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) and Varadero (Cuba).

Royal Flight Airlines operates two bases in Moscow, at the abovementioned airport, as well as at the Domodedovo Mikhail Lomonosov International Airport (DME). In addition to its domestic routes, Royal Flight serves a total of 20 countries -including Mexico- and operates a fleet of 14 Boeing aircraft.

The company -formerly known as Abakan-Avia– was founded in 1992 and was initially operated as a cargo company, then expanded its services with the launch of charter operations in 2013, and -according to the official Web site- began operations under the Royal Flight Airlines brand -as of March 2014- after being acquired by the Russian travel company Coral Travel, which rebranded the company -on 11 July 2014- and, just 15 months later, in July 2015, it registered its One-Millionth passenger.

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