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Airlines serving the USA-Mexico international niche



The cross-border flights between the United States of America and Mexico is by far the largest -and most competitive- international sector serving the Mexican Republic; passenger numbers from the USA –since 2010 when 17,836,000* were registered in this market- have soared to 30,958,000* in 2018, thus translating to a visitor increase -over the 8-year period- of over 13 million air passengers heading south to Mexico from the USA.

*Figures – from Mexico’s Transport and Communications Ministry (SCT) – rounded to the thousands

The US-based carriers have traditionally contributed with the largest share of the passenger market between the USA and Mexico, reaching a peak of 87.3% -in 2011- due, in part, to the demise of the former Mexican carrier Mexicana de Aviación, which withdrew services in August of 2010.

However -since 2011- when Mexico’s carriers represented just 12.7% of the cross-border flights, their share has been increasing -albeit little by little- every single year. In 2012 the Mexican players represented 12.8% of the market and -in 2013- they upped their share to 13.4% whilst -2014- saw the largest annual increase (9.9%) -in recent times- thus pushing the Mexican share of this segment up to 23.3%.

The Mexican players then upped their passenger count in this international market to 27% in 2015, and thereafter have registered an advance of exactly 1% annually to increase Mexico’s share of this dynamic cross-border market to 30% in 2018.

Regarding the number travelling north from Mexico to the USA -to give you an idea of Mexico’s growing importance to the air passenger arrivals to the USA- the Top 5 foreign scheduled passenger gateways into the USA -in 2018- were #1: London -the United Kingdom- (LHR), #2: Toronto -Canada- (YYZ), and -from Mexico- #3: Cancun (CUN) and #4: Mexico City (MEX), followed by the French capital Paris (CDG) in fifth place.

Cancun first appeared on the Top 5 international gateways to the USA -at #5- in 2014, then moved up to #4 in 2015. In 2016, CUN rose one position to #3 and was joined on the list -for the first time- by MEX at #5; and the passengers using these two Mexican gateways to the USA -in 2017- placed them at #3 CUN and #4 MEX; both maintained the same positions -as mentioned above- in 2018.

The source for the ‘market share’ and ‘foreign scheduled gateways to the USA’ information was the ‘’ website

Mexican airlines with direct flights to the United States

The five Mexican carriers currently providing Mexico-USA flights are the Mexican flagship carrier: Aeroméxico, plus its affiliate airline, Aeroméxico Connect. Also present in this international market is the country’s top regional carrier: Aeromar, the LCC (Los Cost Carrier) Interjet, and the Mexican Republic’s two ULCCs (Ultra Low Cost Carrier) VivaAerobus and Volaris.

Check below for airline specific information, including the city pairs served.




aeromar in the united states of america
Aeromar is a regional carrier from Mexico that offers just one US-Mexico route, connecting  McAllen (Texas) with the Mexican capital: Mexico City.


The Mexican regional airline Aeromar offers just one US destination in its route portfolio: McAllen, in the state of Texas.

See our introduction to Aeromar

Aeromar‘s only direct route between Mexico and the US connects McAllen International Airport (MFE) with Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX), currently -Nov. 2019- with five weekly frequencies, NOT ON Tuesdays and Saturdays.

See Aeromar in Mexico City: DomesticInternational

On Oct. 21, 2018., Aeromar celebrated the 5th Anniversary of its launch of services between McAllen and Mexico City, a route on which Fabricio Cojuc Wolfowitz, the airline’s Operational Strategy Director, stated during the press conference at the event that the company had transported more than 80,000 passengers over the 5-year period.

Aeromar is currently the only airline offering direct MEX-MFE services; the aforementioned route is the only international services operating at the McAllen International Airport.


Aeromar office – USA:

Aeromar telephone – from the USA:

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aeromexico in the usa
Aeromexico, a SkyTeam founding member airline, offers a whole host of USA-Mexico flights, in alliance with its partner airline: Delta Air Lines.


Mexico’s top international airline: Aeroméxico, offers its largest number of direct services between Mexico and the US leaving from Mexico City (MEX), from where it serves 18 US destinations.

See our introduction to Aeroméxico

The list of Aeroméxico’s USA destinations -in Nov. 2019-  is as follows:

Austin (AUS): Mexico City (daily except Tues.)

Chicago (ORD): Mexico City (daily services), Guadalajara (daily services)

Dallas (DFW): Mexico City (daily services)

Denver (DEN): Mexico City* (as of Dec. 13, 2019), Monterrey (as of Dec. 21, 2019).

Detroit (DTW): León del Bajío (daily except Sat.), Mexico City (as of June 1, 2020), Monterrey (daily services), Querétaro (daily except Sat.),

Fresno (FAT): Guadalajara (daily except Tues. and Sun.)

Houston (IAH): Mexico City (3 daily flights except Sundays with two)

See Aeroméxico in Cancun: DomesticInternational

Las Vegas (LAS): Mexico City (daily services – twice daily on Fri.), Monterrey (Thurs., Fri. and Sun.)

Los Angeles (LAX): Mexico City (daily services), Monterrey (daily services), Guadalajara (daily services), Guanajuato/León del Bajío (Thursday only)

Miami (MIA): Mexico City (twice daily – 3 flights on Sat.)

New York (JFK): Mexico City (two daily services), Monterrey (daily services)

Orlando (MCO): Mexico City (daily and twice daily on Fri., Sat. and Sun.), Monterrey (as of Dec. 13, 2019)

See Aeroméxico in Mexico City: DomesticInternational

Sacramento (SMF): Guadalajara (daily services)

Salt Lake City (SLC): Guadalajara (daily services)

San Antonio (SAT): Mexico City (daily services – twice daily on Fri.)

San Diego – Via the Tijuana CBX

San Francisco (SFO): Mexico City (daily services), Guadalajara (daily except Tues.)

San Jose (SJC): Guadalajara (as of Dec. 12, 2019)

Seattle (SEA): Mexico City (daily services)

Regarding Aeromexico’s cross-border services to the USA, there has been lots of changes since the company entered into the Joint Collaboration Agreement (JCA) with Delta Air Lines. By the second anniversary of the said deal -on May 8, 2019- the connections between the two countries had been greatly increased, focusing on additional services between Mexico and the US airline’s main hubs.

At the time of the said Anniversary, Aeroméxico and Delta Air Lines were offering over 1,100 transborder flights per week between the US and Mexico, uniting the two countries mainly through their respective hubs -in the case of Delta- via Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York (JFK), Seattle and Salt Lake City, whilst Aeroméxico’s hubs at Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey are the main connection points in the Mexican Republic.


Aeromexico office – New York:

Aeromexico telephone – USA:

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interjet in the united states of america
Interjet, one of Mexico’s LCCs, operates direct USA-Mexico flights from ten US cities to four Mexican destinations: Cancun, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey.


Interjet -a Mexican LCC (Low Cost Carrier)- also provides services to Mexico’s northern neighbour, currently offering 11 US destinations in its route portfolio:

See our introduction to Interjet

Chicago – Dallas – Houston – Las Vegas – Los Angeles – Miami – New York – Orlando – San Antonio – San Diego (Via Tijuana CBX) – San Francisco

The source airports for the above US destinations are as follows, Nov. 2019:

Chicago (ORD): to/from Guadalajara (daily services), Mexico City (twice daily). On Nov. 17, 2016., Interjet launched services to its 9th US destination, this time between Chicago (ORD-MEX) Mexico City.

See Interjet in Cancun: DomesticInternational

Dallas (DFW): to/from Mexico City (two daily services). The company’s services on the route Dallas (DFW-MEX) Mexico City were launched on March 3, 2016.

Houston (IAH): to/from Mexico City (two daily flights) and Monterrey (daily services).

Las Vegas (LAS): to/from Guadalajara (daily services), Mexico City (Tues., Thurs., Sat. and Sun.) and Monterrey (daily services).

Los Angeles (LAX): to/from Cancun (Tues., Wed., Thurs. and Fri.), Guadalajara (daliy services) and Mexico City (daily services).

See Interjet in Mexico City: DomesticInternational

Miami (MIA): to/from Cancun and Mexico City (daily services).

New York (JFK): to/from Mexico City (two daily services).

Orlando (MCO): to/from Mexico City (daily services).

San Antonio (SAT): to/from Guadalajara (daily services), Mexico City (daily services) and Monterrey (daily services).

San Diego – Via Tijuana’s Cross Border Xpress (CBX) facilities.

San Francisco (SFO): Guadalajara (daily services).


Interjet office – Miami:
5201 Blue Lagoon Drive, 8th Floor, Miami, Florida, 33126.

Interjet telephones – Miami:
(305) 629-3250 // (305) 869-1992

Interjet US airport telephones:
San Antonio: (210) 822-3019 // (210) 822-2259
New York (JFK): 1-866-835-0357
McCarran Int. Airport: (702) 261-5211

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vivaaerobus in the USA
VivaAetrobus, a Mexican ULCC, offers USA-Mexico services from three US gateways: Houston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


The Mexican LCC (Low Cost Carrier) VivaAerobus offers services to four US destinations: Houston – Las Vegas – Los Angeles and New York (JFK).

See our introduction to VivaAerobus

The source airports for the above US destinations are as follows, in Nov. 2019:

Houston (IAH): to/from Guadalajara* (as of Dec. 12, 2019) and Monterrey (daily services).

Las Vegas (LAS): to/from Mexico City (daily services) and Monterrey (Thurs. and Sun.).

See VivaAerobus in Cancun: DomesticInternational

Los Angeles (LAX): to/from Guadalajara (daily services) and Monterrey* (as of ec. 16, 2019).

New York (JFK): Mexico City (daily services)

The VivaAerobus services between Mexico City and New York were introduced on Oct. 23, 2019., with an initial offering -still true- of daily direct services.

See VivaAerobus in Mexico City: DomesticInternational

VivaAerobus has had a stop/start relationship with the USA, having opened and closed a whole host of  Mexico-USA routes, though it seems to be more determined to maintain its US presence now than in the past, having begun alliances with some US travel agencies to offer charter services -including Vacation Express, the Atlanta-Georgia-based company- and launched weekly flights between Cancun and Chicago, as of Feb. 17, 2018; the company then added weekly services between Cancun and New York-Newark, as of March 31, 2018., and has continued to increase this ‘charter’ niche ever since.


VivaAerobus office – New York:

VivaAerobus telephone – USA:

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volaris in the united states of america
Volaris is a Mexican ULCC and has the largest selection of direct US-Mexico flights of the Mexican LCCs; this airline signed and codeshare agreement with the US carrier Frontier Airlines in Jan. 2018.


Volaris is the Mexican ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carrier) with the largest presence in the US, at present -Nov. 2019- connecting Mexico with 22 US cities.

See our introduction to Volaris

Austin – Chicago (MDW & ORD) – Dallas – Denver – Fresno – Houston – Las Vegas – Los Angeles – Miami – New York – Oakland (Calif.) – Ontario (Calif.) – Orlando – Phoenix – Portland (Oregon) – Reno – Sacramento – San Antonio – San Francisco – San Jose (Calif.) – Seattle

In July of this year, Volaris celebrated the 10th Anniversary of its Mexico-USA services and -at the time- had accumulated a passenger count in this cross-border niche of more than 19.5 million passengers since the launch of its initial routes to Los Angeles and Oakland in 2009.

Counting its codeshare options in the US -with Frontier AirlinesVolaris has expanded its international portfolio to include 100 U.S. destinations and has transported 113 million passengers since it was founded.

See Volaris in Cancun: Domestic / International

The source airports for Volaris’ abovementioned US destinations are as follows, as of Nov. 2019:

Chicago (MDW): Aguascalientes (Mon., Tues. and Sat.), Durango (Tues. and Fri.), Guadalajara (daily services), Guanajuato/Leon (BJX – Tues., Thurs., Fri. and Sat.), Morelia (daily services) and Zacatecas (Wed., Thurs., Fri. and Sun.).

Chicago (ORD): Guadalajara (Tues., Thurs. and Sun.), Huatulco (Saturday services), Mexico City (daily), Puerto Vallarta (as of April 19, 2020) and Queretaro (Mon. and Sat.).

Dallas (DFW): Guadalajara (4 weekly flights: Mon., Wed., Sat. and Sun.).

Denver (DEN): Chihuahua (Saturday services), Guadalajara (Mon., Wed. and Sat.), Mexico City (Tues., Thurs. and Sun.).

Fresno (FAT): Guadalajara (daily services), Guanajuato/Leon (BJX – Tues. and Sat.), Morelia (Mon., Tues. and Fri.).

Houston (IAH): Guadalajara (Mon., Wed., Fri. and Sat.).

Las Vegas (LAS): Guadalajara (daily services), Mexico City (daily services).

Los Angeles (LAX): Aguascalientes (Mon., Wed. and Fri.), Durango (Mon. and Fri.), Guadalajara (4 daily services), Guanajuato/Leon (BJX – Tues., Thurs., Fri. and Sun.), Morelia (daily except Thurs. and Fri.), Mexico City (daily services – two flights on Thurs. and Sat.), Oaxaca (Tues., Thurs. and Sat.), Uruapan (Thursdays only) and Zacatecas (daily except Tues. and Fri.).

See Volaris in Mexico City: Domestic / International

Miami (MIA): Guadalajara (Thurs. and Sun.) and Mexico City (Mon., Wed., Fri. and Sun.).

New York (JFK): Guadalajara (Mon., Wed., Fri. and Sat.)

Oakland (OAK): Guadalajara (daily services), Guanajuato/Leon (BJX – Mon., Wed., Fri. and Sun.), Mexico City (Mon., Wed., Fri. and Sun.) and Morelia (Mon., Wed., Fri. and Sun.).

Ontario (ONT): Guadalajara (daily services).

Orlando (MCO): Guadalajara (Tues. and Fri.), Mexico City (Wed., Thurs. and Sat.).

Phoenix (PHX): Culiacan (Tuesday services), Guadalajara (Mon., Wed., Fri. and Sat.) and Puerto Vallarta.

Portland (PDX): Guadalajara (daily except Wednesdays).

Reno (RNO): Guadalajara (Mon., Wed., Thurs. and Fri.).

Sacramento (SMF): Guadalajara (daily services) and Guanajuato/León del Bajío (Wed. and Fri.).

San Antonio (SAT): Guadalajara (Thurs. and Sun.), Mexico City (daily services).

San Jose (SJC): Guadalajara (daily and twice daily on Tues. and Fri.), Guanajuato/León del Bajío (Wed. and Sat.), Morelia (Tues., Thurs. and Sat.) and Zacatecas (Mon. and Thurs.).

Seattle (SEA): Guadalajara (daily except Saturdays).


Volaris office – USA:

Volaris telephone – USA:

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US-based airlines with direct flights to Mexico

Being the northern neighbor of Mexico, it comes as no surprise to find that the United States is the country with the largest number of airlines offering direct services to Mexican territory, the figure currently standing at 9 US carriers serving the Mexican Republic, collectively providing US gateways to 29 Mexican airports, see the box below for a list of the destinations served.

Throughout 2018, the top US airlines offering flights to Mexico -with regards to passenger numbers- were American Airlines with 4,970,538* followed closely by United AIrlines who served 4,490,537* cross-border passengers into Mexico, then came Delta Air Lines with 3,597,051*.

The other airlines from the USA with over a million cross-border passengers heading south were Southwest Airlines with 2,370,769 and Alaska Airlines with 1,823,273. In all, the USA-Mexico international niche saw 21,595,747 passengers fly into Mexico on US airlines throughout 2018, from a total of almost 31 million visitors flying into Mexico from the USA.

And -before the end of 2019- it is quite possible we will see another US carrier adding scheduled services to Mexican territory, this time in the form of the ULCC Allegiant Air, which requested permission from the U.S. Department of Transportation for authority to offer Mexico flights back in April of this year. Although Allegiant Air currently serves Cancun from Pittsburgh and Indianapolis, the said flights are charter services provided to the US Travel Agency: Apple Vacations.

We’ll let you know if and when this carrier’s scheduled services to Mexico begin, as well as the city pairs offered.

*All the above figures were published by Mexico’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (SCT)

At the start of November 2019, the US airlines provided gateways to the 29 destinations -listed below- in the Mexican Republic:

Acapulco (ACA) – Aguascalientes (AGU) – Cancún (CUN) – Chihuahua (CUU) – Cozumel (CZM) – Culiacán (CUL) – Durango (DUR) – Guadalajara (GDL) – Hermosillo (HMO) – Huatulco (HUX)

León Del Bajío (BJX) – Loreto (LTO) – Los Cabos (SJD) – Manzanillo (ZLO) – Mazatlán (MZT) – Mérida (MID) – Mexico City (MEX) – Monterrey (MTY) – Morelia (MLM)

Oaxaca (OAX) – Puebla (PBC) – Puerto Vallarta (PVR) – Querétaro (QRO) – San Luis Potosí (SLP) – Tampico (TAM) – Torreón (TRC) – Veracruz (VER) – Zacatecas (ZCL) and Zihuatanejo* (ZIH)

*Zihuatanejo Airport is also known as the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Airport

The abovementioned destinations are offered collectively- by the nine US airlines currently providing direct flights to Mexico; the destinations they serve, the aircraft that make up their fleet, and links to their official Web pages:



Alaska Airlines is currently offering eight Mexican destinations in its route portfolio.


Alaska Airlines provides a choice of 7 Mexican destinations:

Cancun (as of Nov. 5, 2019) / Guadalajara / Loreto / Los Cabos / Manzanillo / Mazatlán / Puerto Vallarta / Zihuatanejo

After the US Department of Justice approved the acquisition of Virgin America by the Seattle-based Alaska Airlines, in Dec., 2016, the airline finished the integration process in April, 2018.

According to an official press release from the company, since the acquisition of Virgin America the company has enjoyed tremendous growth and invested a further US$200 mn in guest product enhancements, including the retrofitting of its Airbus fleet, has updated its 737-700 cabins, and now offers satellite Wi-Fi that’s 20 times faster, among other improvements.

In 2018, Alaska Airlines was awarded the #1 position by The Points Guy in its annual passenger survey, but for the 2019 edition; this carrier slipped to #2, though was still awarded ‘excellent qualifications’ for its punctuality and the company’s Frequent Flier Program.

According to statistics released by Mexico’s Transport and Communications Ministry (SCT), Alaska Airlines transported 1,823,273 passengers to Mexico throughout 2018.

Alaska Airlines withdrew its services into Mexico City from Los Angeles on Nov. 7, 2018

Alaska Airlines currently -Nov. 2019- offers the following US gateways to the Mexican destinations listed below:

Cancun (CUN): Seattle

Guadalajara (GDL): Los Angeles (daily services), San Jose (SJC – daily services)

Loreto (LTO): Los Angeles

Los Cabos (SJD): Los Angeles, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose (SJC), Santa Ana (Orange County),  Seattle.

Manzanillo (ZLO): Los Angeles

Mazatlán (MZT): Los Angeles

Puerto Vallarta (PVR): Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Ana (SNA – Orange Couty), Seattle

Zihuatanejo* (ZIH): Los Angeles

*Zihuatanejo Airport is also referred to as Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Airport

As a result of the said merger process, the Alaska Airlines fleet incorporated a range of Airbus aircraft.

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official Alaska Airlines Web site

Alaska Airlines office – USA:
P.O. Box 68900, Seattle, WA 98168 // Tel.: 206-433-3200

Alaska Airlines telephone – USA:

Alaska Airlines telephones – from Mexico:
Reservations: 001-800-252-7522 // Customer care: 001-800-654-5669

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American Airlines, a founding OneWorld member airline, provides direct USA-Mexico flights to eight Mexican destinations.


American Airlines serves 21 Mexican destinations (Nov. 7, 2019):

Acapulco (as of Dec. 2019) / Aguascalientes / Cancún / Chihuahua / Cozumel / Durango / Guadalajara / Hermosillo / Huatulco (as of Dec. 2019) / Leon del Bajio / Los Cabos / Manzanillo / Mazatlan / Mérida / Mexico City / Monterrey / Morelia / Oaxaca / Puerto Vallarta / Queretaro / San Luis Potosi / Torreón / Zacatecas / Zihuatanejo

American Airlines is a founding OneWorld airline with its headquarters in Fort Worth (Texas) and is currently the largest airline in the world. As of Dec. 19, 2018., this US airline upped its Mexican destinations to 21, with the introduction of DFW-Oaxaca (OAX); this number increasing under codeshare agreements with the carrier’s OneWorld partners, as well as with other code-share partners, in the case of its Mexican operations, with the Mexican LCC Interjet.

So far in 2019, this carrier has launched services between (DFW-DUR) and Durango -on June 6- to be followed, in Dec. 2019., with the addition of a further 3 Mexican routes -adding 2 new destinations to its portfolio- with Phoenix (PHX-CUU) Chihuahua services -beginning on Dec. 18- followed by two seasonal options connecting (DFW-ACA) Acapulco and (DFW-HUX) Huatulco -as of Dec. 21- thus increasing its Mexican portfolio to 24 destinations by the close of 2019.

American Airlines serves its Mexican destinations with direct flights from Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Phoenix.

BE AWARE: American Airlines no longer accepts cash payments for flights -or any other services- at the following Mexican airports: Aguascalientes, Cancun, Guanajuato, Hermosillo, Querétaro and San Luis Potosí.

American Airlines’ current -Nov. 2019- Mexican destinations are as follows:


Acapulco (ACA): Dallas* (DFW – as of Dec. 17, 2019).

Aguascalientes (AGU): Dallas.

Cancún (CUN): Boston*, Charlotte, Chicago (ORD), Dallas, Miami, New York (JFK), Philadelphia, Phoenix.

Chihuahua (CUU): Dallas, Phoenix (as of Dec. 18, 2019).

Cozumel (CZM): Charlotte, Chicago (ORD), Dallas, Miami.

Durango (DGO): Dallas.

Guadalajara (GDL): Charlotte*, Dallas (two daily services), Pheonix.

Hermosillo (HMO): Dallas.

Huatulco (HUX): Dallas (DFW – as of Dec. 2019).

Leon del Bajio (BJX): Dallas.

Los Cabos (SJD): Charlotte, Chicago (ORD), Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix.

Manzanillo (ZLO): Los Angeles, Pheonix*

Mazatlan (MZT): Dallas, Los Angeles, Pheonix

Mérida (MID): Miami

Mexico City (MEX): Charlotte, Dallas (DFW – 5 daily frequencies), Los Angeles (daily services), Miami (5 daily flights, except Sat. with 4 flights), Phoenix

Monterrey (MTY): Dallas, Miami

Morelia (MLM): Dallas

Oaxaca (OAX): Dallas

Puerto Vallarta (PVR): Chicago (ORD – services on Saturdays), Dallas, Los Angeles, Pheonix

Queretaro (QRO): Dallas

San Luis Potosi (SLP): Dallas

Torreon (TRC): Dallas

Zacatecas (ZCL): Dallas

Zihuatanejo** (ZIH): Dallas, Los Angeles, Pheonix*


**Zihuatanejo Airport is also referred to as Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Airport

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official American Airlines Web site

American Airlines office – USA:
Customer Relations, 4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85034.

American Airlines telephone – USA/Canada:
Reservations: 800-433-7300

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Delta Air Lines is one of the US airlines offering the largest selection of Mexican destinations in its route portfolio, including an impressive 22 gateway cities to Mexico’s world-famous Caribbean resort of Cancun.


Delta Airlines offers the following Mexican destinations in its route portfolio (Nov. 2019):

Cancún / Cozumel / Guadalajara / León del Bajio / Los Cabos / Mexico City / Monterrey / Puerto Vallarta / Querétaro

Delta Air Lines has shared a Joint Collaboration Agreement (JCA) with Mexico’s flagship carrier: Aeroméxico, since May, 2017., and as a result has provided more services to Mexico since then, by the 2nd Anniversary of the Agreement, the two companies jointly offered over 1,100 flights per week in this cross-border niche. For more information on this JCA, see our profile on Aeroméxico.

Delta is the second largest airline (by fleet size) in the world and, earlier this year, for the second consecutive year, ranked #1 in the annual Airline Quality Ratings 2019 (AQR), supposedly the most comprehensive study of performance / quality of the largest airlines in the United States.

The 2019 edition of the World Travel Awards (WTA) saw Delta Air Lines lifting the United States’ Leading Airline to Mexico 2019 Award and, with regards to the company’s presence in Mexico, this carrier relaunched services between Minneapolis St. Paul and Mexico City in July 2019 and has already announced it will up its JFK-Cancun services to 3 daily flights from Jan.-March, 2020.

According to the official figures published by Mexico’s Transport and Communications Ministry (SCT), Delta Air Lines transported 3,597,051 passengers to Mexico throughout 2018.

See below for details on the US gateway cities to the abovementioned Mexican destinations (July 22, 2019):

Cancun (CUN): Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, Hartford (BDL), Indianapolis (as of Dec. 21, 2019), Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minneapolis (MSP), Nashville, New Orleans, New York (JFK), Orlando (MCO), Pittsburgh, Durham/Raleigh (RDU), Salt Lake City, Seattle (SEA), Tampa (TPA) and Windsor Locks (BDL).

Cozumel (CZM): Atlanta, Detroit (DTW), Minneapolis (MSP).

Guadalajara (GDL): Atlanta, Chicago* (ORD), Fresno* (FAT), Los Angeles*, Sacramento*, Salt Lake City*, San Francisco*, San Jose* (SJC)

León del Bajio (BJX): Detroit*, Los Angeles*

Los Cabos (SJD): Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis (MSP), Salt Lake City, Seattle (SEA).

Mexico City (MEX): Atlanta, Austin*, Chicago*, Dallas* (DFW), Denver*, Detroit, Houston*, Las Vegas*, Los Angeles (4 daily services), Miami*, Minneapolis (as of June 8, 2019), New York (two daily services), Orlando*, Salt Lake City*, San Antonio*, San Francisco*, Seattle*

Monterrey (MTY): Atlanta, Denver*, Detroit, Las Vegas*, Los Angeles*, New York*, Orlando*

Puerto Vallarta (PVR): Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Seattle (SEA)

Querétaro (QRO): Atlanta*, Detroit*

*Routes with the asterisk are operated by Grupo Aeroméxico
under the abovementioned Joint Cooperation Agreement

Delta introduced new services between Minneapolis-St. Paul and Mexico City as of June, 2019., in alliance with Aeroméxico

Monterrey (MTY): Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, La Vegas, Los Angeles, New York (JFK), Orlando (MCO).

Puerto Vallarta (PVR): Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis (MSP), Salt Lake City, Seattle (SEA).

Queretaro (QRO): Atlanta.

Zihuatanejo* (ZIH): Minneapolis (MSP).

*Zihuatanejo Airport is also referred to as Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Airport

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official Delta Airlines Web site

Delta Air Lines office – USA:
Customer Care, P.O. Box 20980, Dept. 980, Atlanta, GA 30320-2980

Delta Air Lines telephone – USA:
Customer care: 1-800-455-2720
General / Sales: 800-221-1212 // 404-765-5000

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Frontier Airlines is a code-share partner with the Mexican ULCC carrier Volaris, and now offers services to 17 Mexican destinations in its route portfolio.


Frontier Airlines currently serves a total of 16 Mexican destinations (Nov. 2019):

Aguascalientes / Cancun / Chihuahua / Culiacan / Durango / Guadalajara / Huatulco / Leon del Bajio / Los Cabos / Mexico City / Monterrey / Morelia / Oaxaca / Puerto Vallarta / Queretaro / Zihuatanejo*

Frontier Airlines is an Ultra Low Cost Airline (ULCC) that was launched in 1994, and is a subsidiary and operating brand of Indigo Partners, LLC; it is based in Denver (Colorado), from where it operates its main hub, along with several focus cities.

In January 2018, Frontier Airlines signed a code-share agreement with the Mexican ULCC Volaris, supposedly the first code-share agreement in the world between ULCC carriers, and the said agreement came into force in September, 2018., with the first codeshare flight between these two carriers taking place at San Antonio (SAT), thus giving US customers access to the domestic destinations offered by Volaris in Mexico, and vice versa. This fact is reflected in the options for Frontier’s USA-Mexico city pairs below.

For those considering flying with these two companies, here is a list of the airports acting as connecting points: Denver, San Antonio, San José (California), Los Ángeles, Las Vegas, Chicago & Orlando, in the USA, whilst in Mexico the only ‘official’ connections are at Cancún.

The latest news regarding Frontier’s activity in Mexico is that it launched its latest cross-border route Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU-CUN) Cancun International Airport -as of Oct. 2018- followed by the addition of two -Winter- seasonal options uniting Las Vegas (LAS-CUN) Cancun -as of Dec. 21, 2018- and Los Cabos, as of Dec. 15, 2018.

At the Paris Air Show 2019, Indigo Partners signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Airbus for the acquisition of 50 A321XLR, 32 x new aircraft and 18 conversions of existing orders for the companies A320neo. From this order, Frontier Airlines will receive 18 of the said aircraft so there is a future possibility that the codeshare agreement with Mexico’s Volaris could evetually offer trans-Atlantic routes, and will almost certainly count with flights to Hawaii if the company’s plans to incorporate the destinations come to fruition.

The official figures released by Mexico’s Transport and Communications Ministry (SCT) for 2018 show that Frontier Airlines transported 589,679 passengers to Mexico throughout the year.

See below for Frontier Airlines / Volaris** US-Mexico city pairs (July 22, 2019):

Aguascalientes (AGU): Los Angeles**.

Cancun (CUN): Chicago (ORD), Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis (as of Dec. 20, 2019), Kansas City, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and St. Louis (STL).

Chihuahua (CUU): Denver**, Kirtland** (ABQ).

Culiacan (CUL): Pheonix**.

Durango (DUR): Chicago (MDW)**, Dallas** (DFW), Los Angeles**.

Guadalajara (GDL): Chicago** (ORD & MDW), Dallas** (DFW), Denver**, Fresno**, Houston**, Las Vegas**, Los Angeles**, Miami**, Milwaukee**, New York** (JFK), Oakland**, Ontario** (ONT), Orlando** (MCO), Pheonix**, Portland**, Reno**, Sacramento**, San Antonio** (SAT), San Francisco**, San Jose** (SJC), Seattle**.

Huatulco (HUX): Chicago** (ORD).

Leon del Bajio (BJX): Chgicago** (MDW), Fresno** (FAT – as of Oct. 28, 2019), Los Angeles**, Oakland**, Sacramento**, San José** (SJC).

Los Cabos (SJD): Las Vegas.

Mexico City: See  Volaris Mexico City – International.

Morelia (MLM): Chicago** (MDW), Fresno**, Los Angeles, Oakland**, San Jose** (SJC).

Oaxaca (OAX): Los Angeles**.

Puerto Vallarta (PVR): Chicago** (ORD – as of Dec. 21, 2019), Denver

Queretaro (QRO): Chicago** (ORD).

Zihuatanejo* (ZIH): Chicago** (ORD).

*Zihuatanejo Airport is also referred to as Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Airport

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official Frontier Airlines Web site

Frontier Airlines office – USA:
Customer relations: 4545 Airport Way, Denver, CO 80239
Corporate office: Frontier Airlines, 4545 Airport Way, Denver, CO 80239

Frontier Airlines telephone – USA:
Reservations: 801-401-9000 // Customer relations:  801-401-9000

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Jet Blue currently offers just one Mexican destination in its route portfolio.


Jet Blue currently serves 2 Mexican destinations (Nov. 2019):

Cancun / Mexico City

Jet Blue began operations in the year 2000 and launched its first services to Mexico on Nov. 30, 2006., connecting New York (JFK) to Mexico’s world-famous Caribbean destination of Cancun with daily frequencies; this ULCC currently -Sept. 2019- offers direct flights to Cancun International Airport (CUN) from the following cities: Boston (BOS), Fort Lauderdale (FLL), New York (JFK) and Orlando (MCO).

See JetBlue in Cancun

And, as of Oct. 25, 2018., the airline introduced two new direct US-Mexico gateways to the Mexican capital with daily services from New York (JFK) and from Boston (BOS). JetBlue also added services to Mexico City from Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Orlando (MCO), though -unfortunately- the company has announced the withdrawal of all services to the Mexican capital as of Jan. 9, 2020.

See JetBlue in Mexico City

The company has also recently confirmed it will be using its new Airbus A321L aircraft (13 on order) to unite the US with Europe, possibly the UK, with services from New York and Boston to London; other possibilites being considered are Amsterdam, Madrid and Paris. If the said plans come to fruition, JetBlue will be the first Low Cost Carrier from the US to offer trans-Atlantic flights.

Also of interest is the fact that JetBlue was recognized in TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards of 2019, having been chosen as the “Best Regional Business Class” and the winner of the “Passenger Comfort” Award for North America, in April 2019; this was followed -in July- with JetBlue being named as the #1 Domestic Airline in Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards 2019 edition in July.

According to Mexico’s Transport and Communications Ministry (SCT), the official figures released for the year 2018 state that JetBlue transported 853,793 passengers in the USA-Mexico cross-border niche throughout the period.

JetBlue Airways offers direct USA-Mexico flights to two Mexican destinations by way of four US gateway cities.

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official Jet Blue Web site

JetBlue office – USA:

JetBlue telephone – USA:

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Southwest Airlines has recently been adding new destinations from the USA, currently serving four Mexican destinations.


Southwest Airlines currently serves 3 Mexican destinations (Nov. 2019):

Cancún (CUN) / Los Cabos (SJD) / Puerto Vallarta (PVR)

Southwest Airlines launched services in 1971 -initially to serve Dallas- and has since grown to become the largest US Low Cost Carrier (LCC). With regard to its Mexico services, the company has had a presence in Mexico since it acquired Air Tran -in 2010- after announcing it had agreed to buy the smaller company; the deal actually took place on March 2, 2012, and Air Tran was officially integrated into Southwest Airlines on Dec. 28, 2014.

According to analysts, the acquisition signified a growth of 25% for Southwest Airlines and gave the company its gateway to the Caribbean and Mexico having adopted the Air Tran route portfolio. However, it wasn’t until Aug. 10, 2012., that Southwest finally flew into Mexico under its own brand, connecting the John Wayne Airport of Orange County/Santa Ana (SNA – California) with Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) on the southern tip of the world’s longest Peninsula: Baja California.

In October 2018, Southwest announced it would be working with ‘Discover the World’ to promote its Mexican offering, as well as the company promoting its BSP (Bank Settlement Plan) sales through the invoicing system created by IATA (International Air Transport Association).

For the Winter 2019/20 season, Southwest Airlines has already announced a few new options, three seasonal routes to Cancun, from Milwaukee, Nashville and San Antonio, as well as another connection to Los Cabos, this time from Chicago (MDW), all four routes kicking off on Nov. 9, 2019.

The negative news regarding Southwest’s Mexico services is the withdrawal -on March 30, 2019- of its services to the Mexican capital.

The official figures published by Mexico’s Transport and Communications Ministry (SCT) for 2018 register Southwest Airlines as having transported 2,370,769 passengers from the USA to Mexico throughout the year.

See below for the city pairs Southwest Airlines currently -Sept. 2019- unites with direct US-Mexico flights:


Cancun (CUN – Terminal 4) is served from 15 US gatweay cities: Atlanta / Austin* (as of Nov. 3, 2019) / Baltimore / Chicago (MDW) / Columbus (CMH – as of Nov. 10, 2019) / Denver / Fort Lauderdale / Houston (HOU) / Indianapolis (as of Jan. 11, 2020) / Los Angeles / Milwaukee (as of Nov. 9, 2019) / Nashville (as of Nov. 9, 2019) / New Orleans / Saint Louis* / San Antonio (as of Nov. 9, 2019)

See Southwest in Cancun

Los Cabos (SJD – Terminal 2) Chicago (MDW), Denver, Houston (HOU), Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose (SJC), Santa Ana (SNA)

See Southwest in Los Cabos

Puerto Vallarta (PVR – Terminal B): Denver, Houston (HOU), Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego

See Southwest in Puerto Vallarta

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official Southwest Airlines Web site

Southwest Airlines office – USA:
For correspondence: P.O. Box 36647-1CR, Dallas, Texas 75235 // Office: 2702 Love Field Drive, Dallas, Texas 75235.

Southwest Airlines telephone – USA:
US (English): 1-800-435-9792 // US (Spanish): 1-800-826-6667

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Spirit Airlines currently offers three Mexican destinations in its route portfolio.


Spirit Airlines is currently -Oct . 2019- offering just two direct USA-Mexico routes in its portfolio:

Cancún / Los Cabos

According to Mexico’s Transport and Communications Ministry (SCT), in 2018 Spirit Airlines transported 507,700 passengers in the USA-Mexico cross-border niche.

Spirit Airlines currently -Oct. 2019- offers direct flights to Cancun International Airport (CUN) through six US gateways: Baltimore (BWI), Chicago (ORD), Dallas (DFW), Detroit (DTW), Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Houston (IAH).

See Spirit Airlines in Cancun

The carrier provides passengers with two US gateways to Los Cabos International Airport (SJD), from Dallas (DFW) and from Houston (IAH).

See Spirit Airlines in Los Cabos

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official Spirit Airlines Web site

Spirit Airlines office – USA:

Spirit Airlines telephone – USA:

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Sun Country Airlines is currently offering five Mexican destinations in its route portfolio.


Sun Country Airlines offers 6 Mexican destinations -plus one seasonal*- in its route portfolio:

Cancún / Cozumel / Zihuatanejo / Los Cabos / Manzanillo* / Mazatlán / Puerto Vallarta

Sun Country Airlines was launched in 1983, initially as a charter company but launched scheduled services in 1999. It has had several owners over its lifetime and this Eagan-based low-cost leisure carrier recently changed hands once again, having been sold to the New York-based investment group: Apollo Global Management. The airline’s headquarters are to remain in Minnesota, and the new owners have launched an expansion plan regarding the company’s route portfolio.

In early 2019, the company announced what it described as the largest expansion program in its history; with regard to the company’s Mexican services, the new options included the carrier’s latest US gateway into Mexico: Las Vegas, uniting the city that never sleeps with Los Cabos -as of June 6- and Puerto Vallarta -as of June 7- both routes launched with two weekly services.

For 2020, Sun Country Airlines has announced two new routes to Mexico -both out of Dallas (DFW)- as of June, the first addition will be to Los Cabos (SJD) -on June 3- followed -on June 5- with the new services to Puerto Vallarta (PVR).

Sun Country currently -Feb. 2020- serves the following Mexican destinations:

Cancun (CUN): Austin (AUS), Dallas (DFW), Minneapolis (MSP)

Cozumel (CZM): Dallas (DFW), Minneapolis (MSP).

Huatulco (HUX): Minneapolis (MSP)

Los Cabos (SJD): Minneapolis (MSP), Portland (PDX), San Diego (SAN)

Mazatlán (MZT): Minneapolis (MSP)

Puerto Vallarta (PVR): Dallas (DFW), Minneapolis (MSP)

Zihuatanejo (ZIH): Minneapolis (MSP)

*Zihuatanejo Airport is also referred to as Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Airport

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official Sun Country Airlines Web site

Sun Country Airlines office – USA:

Sun Country Airlines telephone – USA:

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United Airlines in Mexico
United Airlines is the US carrier with the largest number of Mexican destinations in its route portfolio.


United Airlines currently offers 22 Mexican destinations in its route portfolio (Nov. 2019):

Acapulco / Aguascalientes / Cancun /  Chihuahua / Cozumel / Guadalajara / Leon del Bajio / Los Cabos / Manzanillo / Mazatlan / Merida / Mexico City / Monterrey / Morelia / Oaxaca / Puebla / Puerto Vallarta / Queretaro / San Luis Potosi / Tampico / Veracruz / Zihuatanejo

On Oct. 4, 2018., United Airlines withdrew its services between Los Angeles (LAX) and Mexico City (MEX), along with its services between LAX and León del Bajío (BJX).

On the positive side, the US carrier upped its daily options between New York Newark (EWR) and MEX to three daily services as of Oct. 4, 2018. And, as of Oct. 28, 2018., BJX received direct services from Chicago (ORD).

And, in December, 2018., the carrier increased its frequency between Houston (IAH) and Querétaro (QRO) to 4 daily options, whilst the company will change its current aircraft, the Embraer 145 to the Embraer 175, to cover its services between IAH and San Luis Potosí (SLP), thus adding a further two seats per trip.

Throughout 2018, according to the official figures released by Mexico’s Transport and Communications Ministry (SCT), United Airlines had transported 4,490,357 passengers to Mexico throughout the period.

Another new attraction -June 2019- for United’s passengers is the company’s Connection Server, which aids passengers using the company’s smartphone APP with a connecting flight, informing them of the Gate to go to and the time it should take you to get there, including a map of the installations.

See the United Airlines current -Sept. 2019- US gateways to the abovementioned cities:

Acapulco (ACA): Houston (IAH)

Aguascalientes (AGU): Houston (IAH)

Cancun (CUN): Austin (AUS), Chicago (ORD), Cleveland (CLE), Denver (DEN), Houston (IAH), Los Angeles (LAX), New Orleans (MSY), New York (EWR), San Antonio (SAT), San Francisco (SFO), Washington (IAD)

Chihuahua (CUU): Houston (IAH)

Cozumel (CZM): Chicago (ORD), Denver (DEN), Houston (IAH)

Guadalajara (GDL): Houston (IAH – 4 daily services)

Leon del Bajio (BJX): Chicago (ORD), Houston (IAH)

Los Cabos (SJD): Chicago (ORD), Denver (DEN), Houston (IAH), Los Angeles (LAX), Newark (EWR), San Francisco (SFO), Washington (IAD)

Manzanillo (ZLO): Houston (IAH)

Mazatlan (MZT): Houston (IAH)

Merida (MID): Houston (IAH)

Mexico City (MEX): Chicago (ORD), Houston (IAH – 6 daily flights / 4 on Sat. and 5 on Sun.), New York (EWR), San Francisco (SFO – two daily services), Washington (IAD)

Monterrey (MTY): Chicago (ORD), Houston (IAH – 7 daily services)

Morelia (MLM): Houston (IAH)

Oaxaca (OAX): Houston (IAH).

Puebla (PBC): Houston (IAH)

Puerto Vallarta (PVR): Chicago (ORD – daily services – twice daily on Sat.), Denver (DEN), Houston (IAH), Los Angeles (LAX), Newark (EWR), San Francisco (SFO)

Queretaro (QRO): Houston (IAH)

San Luis Potosi (SLP): Houston (IAH)

Tampico (TAM): Houston (IAH)

Veracruz (VER): Houston (IAH)

Zihuatanejo* (ZIH): Chicago (ORD), Houston (IAH)

*Zihuatanejo Airport is also referred to as Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Airport

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official United Airlines Web site

United Airlines office – USA:

United Airlines telephone – USA:

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