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Introduction to Acapulco Airport

The Acapulco Airport codes are as follows: IATA CODE: ACA // ICAO CODE: MMAA

The International Airport of Acapulco, also known as the “General Juan N. Álvarez Airport” is located 26 kilometers to the southeast of the city -30 minutes along the coastal highway- and is operated by Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte, S.A. de C.V. (Grupo OMA).

Acapulco was the 6th busiest Mexican airport of the Grupo OMA network in 2018

Of the 13 Mexican airports that make up the network operated by Grupo OMA, Acapulco was the 7th busiest in 2017, then upped its standing to #6 in 2018, having registered an annual increase of 7.9% in passengers throughout 2018. See ‘Passenger numbers’ below  for further information.

President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz inaugurated the Gen. Juan N. Álvarez Airport in 1967

Acapulco airport is the largest in the Republic’s South Pacific region, it covers an area of 448.69 hectares and has a new passenger terminal, which was inaugurated, little by little, as of the week commencing April 16, 2018., thus making it Mexico’s most recently inaugurated airport Terminal. There is also a general aviation terminal (FBO services for private aircraft); this world-famous port has long been a favorite for both national and international air-charter companies as well, of course, for the international cruise liners.

The largest aircraft received at Acapulco Airport is the Boeing 747, and similar-sized models

The same week as the inauguration of the new Terminal, the International Airport of Acapulco was awarded  -for the 6th consecutive occasion- the renewal of its Certificate in Environmental Quality, which is granted by Mexico’s Federal Attorney’s Office for the Protection of the Environment
(acronym in Spanish: PROFEPA) through its National Environmental Audit Program (acronym in Spanish: PNAA). It first received the said certification in the year 2003.

The Acapulco Airport offers free Wifi connection, just connect to ‘FreeWifi by Sitwifi’

Investment in Acapulco Airport

As part of the Master Development Program for 2016-2020, Grupo OMA earmarked a total of MXN 582.8 (US$ 33.8* mn.) for these airport installations. In 2016, the airport benefitted from the largest portion of the total sum, with MXP 223.9 mn to be invested. Without doubt, the majority of this money was spent on the creation of the new terminal, which originally, as due to be completed by the end of 2016, or early 2017., however, it wasn’t until, as mentioned above, April 2018, when the new Terminal began operations.

Over the period 2016-2020, Acapulco Airport will receive a total investment of around US$ 33.8 mn*

For 2017, the investment totalled MXP 190.1 mn., whilst in 2018, the airport received a further investment of MXP 130.6 mn. Then, this year, the period will close with investment to the tune of MXP 30.2 mn., and for 2020, it will receive the lowest annual amount of the Program: MXP 8 mn.

With the completion of the new terminal -which saw a total investment of MXP 600 mn- the arrivals and departures of domestic and international passengers are now divided on seperate floors and the company has stated that the airport’s annual passenger capacity has increased to 1.3 million passengers per year; over the medium term, this figure is forecast to increase to 2 million.

*The above figures were published on Dec. 31st, 2015. We used the currency convertor to provide you with an estimate of the US-Dollar equivalent of the total investment planned for this airport

Acapulco’s newly inaugurated terminal has increased passenger capacity to 1.3 million per year


Arrivals & Departures – Acapulco Airport




Airlines and Routes – Acapulco Airport

Direct Domestic flights to / from Acapulco

(December 12, 2019)

Below our online flight only and hotel+flight search engine options, we provide information on the 6 Mexican airlines currently serving Acapulco, which connect this world-famous port to 7 domestic destinations by way of direct scheduled services, check out the info first so as not to waste time looking for direct flights that don’t exist. See (further) below for direct international flights.

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The 6 Mexican carriers operating at ACA are the two regional airlines Aeromar (1) and TAR Aerolíneas (2), the Grupo Aeroméxico affiliate Aeroméxico Connect (1), along with the LCC Interjet (3), plus the Republic’s two ULCCs: VivaAerobus (1) and Volaris (3). As a group, the aforementioned carriers provide Acapulco with seven domestic gateways.

Initially, Volaris added its ACA-Mexico City (MEX) services as a seasonal option but it became a year-round route ‘officially’ -on Nov. 2, 2018- followed -on Feb. 3, 2019- with direct services between Guadalajara (GDL) and Acapulco, offering three weekly flights according to the airline’s official Web page: Wed., Fri.  and Sun.

Interjet recently incorporated new services connecting Acapulco with Cancun -as of Oct. 27, 2019- with an initial offering of three weekly frequencies, on Tues., Thurs. and Saturdays

Mexico City (MEX)
Mexico City (MEX)
Cancun (CUN) – Mexico City (MEX) – Toluca (TLC)
Guadalajara (GDL) – Querétaro (QRO)
Monterrey (MTY)
Guadalajara (GDL) – Mexico City (MEX) – Tijuana (TIJ)

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Direct International flights to / from Acapulco


(December 12, 2019)

Below our online flight only and hotel+flight reservation options, you will see the direct international flight options at Acapulco International Airport so you can save time by not looking for options that don’t exist.

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For the Winter 2019/20 season, Canadians will once again have the choice of two airlines offering direct seasonal services to Acapulco, with Sunwing Airlines directly connecting this world-famous Mexican port with the Canadian gateway cities of Montreal (YUL) and Toronto (YYZ), see below for dates. Air Transat continues to operate its connection between Montreal and ACA.

Regarding the flights to the USA, the US carrier United Airlines provides year-round services to Houston (IAH) by way of Mesa Airlines, and American AIrlines will also be landing in ACA for the Winter 2019/20 season (see below).

For the winter 2018/19 season, Air Transat incorporated its seasonal services to ACA -from Montreal- as of Dec. 18, 2018; the route was reintroduced for the 2019/20 season, as of Dec. 14, 2019

On Dec. 18, 2019., Sunwing Airlines kicked off its seasonal services between Montreal (YUL-ACA) Acapulco, followed by Toronto (YYZ-ACA) Acapulco -as of Jan. 8, 2019- both routes offer weekly services on Wednesdays

American Airlines increased its its Winter 2019/20 services to Mexico, one of which directly connects Dallas (DFW-ACA) Acapulco -as of Dec. 21, 2019- with two weekly flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Montreal (YUL)
American Airlines Dallas (DFW)
Montreal* (YUL) – Toronto* (YYZ)
  United Airlines – Mesa Airlines
Houston (IAH)

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Parking – Acapulco Airport

The GPS coordinates for Acapulco Airport: Lat.: 16° 45′ 41.4583″ N // Long.: 99° 45′ 32.1048″ W

The parking here costs MXN 34 for the first hour and MXN 16 for every 30 minutes thereafter, with a maximum daily charge ranging from MXP 150 to MXP 360, depending on the parking site used, the Premium site is MXN 38 per hour, with a maximum of MXN 360 per day.

Parking is available 24 hours and you can pay with Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Beware! Lose your parking ticket and you can be charged up to an additional MXN 360


Car Hire – Acapulco Airport

To arrange your car hire on arrival at the airport itself, the following agencies are all located on the ground floor of the Terminal, to the left of the exit: Alamo, Europcar, Hertz, Firefly, Payless and U-Save.

Or you could save time … check out our online car reservations at Acapulco Airport.

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Taxis and Transfers – Acapulco Airport

There are three “official taxi” options serving Acapulco Airport: ETC, Nuevo Milenio and TTT de Guerrero, all starting operations at 05:00 hours and ending at 23:00 hours (local time) daily. They operate on a pre-paid basis, so you have to pay your fare –in cash/credit card– beforehand by queuing at the taxi booths inside the installations.


Left Luggage – Acapulco Airport

There are NO Left Luggage facilities at Acapulco Airport. If you are truly in need of the said services, the Central Bus Station offers lockers.

You can (plastic) wrap your luggage at Acapulco Airport


Lost and Found – Acapulco Airport

For passengers who mislay their luggage, or other valuables, Acapulco Airport provides a Lost & Found office, open to the public from Mon. – Fri. from 09:00 – 18:00 hrs.. See ‘Contact Info‘ below for telephone.

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Money – Acapulco Airport

The financial services are located on the Ground Floor, where Banorte, HSBC, Santander and Scotiabank provide ATM services; there is also a currency exchange called Divisa San Jorge, open from 09:00 to 17:00 hours, daily. SeeContact Infobelow for telephone.


Health – Acapulco Airport

For those of you needing medication or health products during your trip, there is one pharmacy at Acapulco Airport called Pharmacia la Chiquita, open from 08:00 to 19:00 hours. See ‘Contact Info‘ below for telephone.

There are also Medical Services on offer (see ‘Contact Info’ below for telephone) on the ground floor (left-hand corner of the building as you look towards the exits from the interior) near the ATMs

The medical services at Acapulco Airport are available from 06:00 to 22:30 hrs. daily

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Shopping / Food – Acapulco Airport

The choice is reasonably varied: handcrafts stores called Herencia Mexicana and Manos Magicos, along with several fashion (glasses-jewelry-clothing) stores; books and magazines are also on offer.

There are also options for food and drink on the run: Divers, and if you prefer to sit down and relax for a while, there are Punta del Cielo and Starbucks cafés, as well as the GastroHub restaurant, plus an open-air bar offering snacks.

Duty-free services at Acapulco Airport come in the form of the Dufry Duty Free outlet

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Passenger Numbers – Acapulco Airport

In one of the boom years for Mexican tourism: 2008, Acapulco’s General Juan N. Álvarez Airport handled over a million passengers for the second consecutive year, registering the record of 1,087,974 passengers, and acted as a gateway to this 24-hour city for no less than 269,303 foreign nationals. From 2009 on, passenger numbers declined at Acapulco until bottoming out at 546,951 in 2012.

After a 4-year decline, Acapulco finally managed to register a year-on-year passenger increase in 2013

According to company figures, in 2013, Acapulco airport handled 617,079 passengers, of which 560,945 were domestic and 56,134 were international, the total being up 12.82% on the 2012 figures but, perhaps more importantly, finally ending the decline in visitor numbers to the spectacular port of Acapulco. In 2014, the number of passengers passing through the Acapulco Airport reached 631,570, thus placing it at #21 on the list of Mexico’s busiest airports for the year.

In 2014, Acapulco Airport was in position number 21 on Mexico’s busiest airports list

During 2015, once again, for the third consecutive year, Acapulco registered a gain in its overall passenger numbers, the year closing with a total of 730,382 passengers having transited the installations, signifying a year-on-year increase of 15.6% and maintaining its third place in the (now) group of seven Mexican airports operated by OMA to register between half a million and a million passengers annually.

In 2015, Acapulco’s passenger numbers pushed it up one place to #20 on the busiest airports list

Of the aforementioned total, 677,698 were national passengers, up 17.6% on 2014; the negative aspect was the continuing decline in international passengers at this world famous resort, with just 52,684 arriving to the airport from abroad, an annual decline of 5.1%, though it has to be said that this result was a little more positive than the annual decline in international visitors registered in 2014, which was 8.4%.

In 2016, Acapulco Airport slipped one position to number 21 on Mexico’s top airports list

Throughout 2016, Acapulco’s passenger count registered its first fall since 2013; the year ending with a total of 718,493 passengers passing through the installations, a year-on-year drop of 1.63%, thus meaning it surpassed Tampico Airport by less than a thousand passengers to be placed as the third most important of the group of seven airports operated by OMA. Of the aforementioned amount, 664,418 of the passengers arrived on domestic flights and the remaining 54,075 arrived on international flights; this means the domestic count dropped by 13,280 passengers whilst the international arrivals increased by around 1,300 but at least the latter number was positive.

In 2017, Acapulco slipped a further 5 positions on Mexico’s top airports list, to #26

In 2017, Acapulco registered a further decline in the domestic passenger count: 613,829 domestic passengers, a drop of 32,589; on the international front, the airport lost most of its previous year’s gain by registering a total of just 53,295 international passengers. The good news, of course, is that with the opening of the new Terminal building, the airport is now able to receive double the amount of passengers on an annual basis.

For 2018, Acapulco Airport registered a global passenger increase of 7.9% having handled 739,120 passengers

According to an official press release from Grupo OMA, throughout 2018, the International Airport of Acapulco recorded a global increase in its passenger numbers of 7.9% for the year, having handled 739,120 passengers. The domestic market contributed with 681,587 passengers to register exactly the same annual growth rate as the overall figure: 7.9%, having upped the total by 50,000+; meanwhile, the international market provided the installations with 57,533 passengers to give a year-on-year increase of exactly 8%.

Acapulco upped its standing on Mexico’s busiest airports list by two places in 2018, closing the year at #24

In an official press release -dated Jan. 6, 2020- Grupo OMA announced that the Acapulco Airport had registered the third most important increase in passenger numbers among its 13 Mexican airports throughout 2019, having handled a total of 875,315 passengers to post a global year-on-year increase of 18.4% and thus place Acapulco as the 6th most important of this Group’s Mexican airports.

Acapulco was the 6th busiest airport of the Mexican airport network operated by Grupo OMA in 2019

As for the domestic passenger numbers, Acapulco showed an increase of 19.5% in this niche to register 814,636 passengers and thus add 133,000+ to the result of the previous year. In the international arena, Acapulco registered 60,679 cross-border passengers throughout 2019 to post a more modest annual increase in this niche of 5.5%, so -all in all- a good year for Mexico’s most-famous Pacific-coast resort.

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General Statistics – Acapulco Airport

Lat.: 16° 45′ 41.4583″ N // Long.: 99° 45′ 32.1048″ W (These coordinates are not for air navigation).
26 kilometers
448.69 hectares
5 meters
3,300 X 45 meters
1,700 x 45 meters
1,397 – To be updated regarding the new Terminal
18,800 m2 – Updated regarding the new Terminal

*Passengers per hour


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Contact Information for Acapulco Airport

Telephone Numbers – Acapulco Airport

From within the city, use only the number below.
From outside the city but within Mexico, dial +01-(744), then the number below.
From outside Mexico, dial +52-(744), then the number below.
Airport information
435-2060 // to 2068
Tourism information
Lost & Found 435-2060 // to 2068 + Ext.: 2123 / 2034
Currency exchange 466-9300 // 466-9448
Medical services 435-2060 // to 2068 + Ext. 2119
Immigration XXXXXXXXXX
Airport security 435-2068
Tourist Police 466-9300 // 466-9448
Civil Aviation Authority
SAGARPA/SENESICA Ministry for Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Alimentation xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Navigation Services in Mexican Airspace

Address – Acapulco Airport

Blvd. De las Naciones s/n, Plan de Los Amates, Acapulco, Guerrero, C.P.39931

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