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Introduction to Durango Airport

The Durango International Airport codes are: IATA Code: DGO // ICAO Code: MMDO

The International Airport of Durango, also known as the General Guadalupe Victoria International Airport, serves the city of Victoria de Durango (population 1.6+ mn.), which was named after Mexico’s first President: Guadalupe Victoria; the city is the Durango state capital and the airport lies 15.5 kilometers to the northeast; it is ‘Regional’ and operated by Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte, S.A. de C.V. (Grupo OMA).

The Durango International Airport was inaugurated on October 15, 1970

Durango Airport operates between 06:00 and 20:00 hrs. (local time) and lies at an elevation of 1,860 mts. above sea level with a surface area of 552.2 hectares; the airport’s terminal was enlarged and reconditioned -in 2008- and thus now offers visitors an area of 3,842 m2., and can handle up to 252 passengers per hour.

Captain Francisco de Ibarra founded Durango in 1563, naming it after the Basque city in Spain

The 2,900 meters of the airport’s runway (03/21) was totally recarpeted in 2009, along with the 5 taxiways whilst, for its part, the commercial platform was enlarged. The runway can handle up to 40 operations per hour and currently serves four Mexican carriers and one from the USA.

The Durango International Airport was #36 on the list of Mexico’s busiest airports in 2014

Durango International Airport handled a total of 395,905 passengers in 2017, making it the 12th busiest of the 13 Mexican airports that make up the Grupo OMA network (see below for more details); in 2018, this Terminal played host to 418,914 passengers, see below for further details.

Investment Plans for Durango Airport

In the case of Durango, Grupo OMA has set aside, in its Master Development Program for 2016-2020, a total of MXN 128 mn. (US$ 7.42* mn.). In 2016, the airport received an investment of MXP 30.7 mn., and in 2017, the total was MXN 18.3 mn., followed by MXP 21.1 mn. last year.

From 2016 to 2020, Durango Airport will receive a total investment of around US$ 7.42* mn.

The largest annual amount to be invested in Durango is earmarked for 2019, when it will receive investment to the tune of MXP 65.5 mn., thus leaving the lowest yearly investment to the last year of the five-year Plan, with the remaining MXP 2.4 million of the total set aside for the year 2020.

*The above figures were published on Dec. 31st, 2015. We used the x-rates.com currency convertor to provide you with an estimate of the US-Dollar equivalent of the total investments planned at this airport


Arrivals & Departures – Durango




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Airlines and Routes – Durango Airport

Direct Domestic flights to / from Durango

(December 31, 2019)

Durango International Airport currently offers a total of 8 direct destinations: 5 domestic and 3 international, by way of four Mexican airlines and one US carrier; on the domestic front DUR is served by 4 airlines: Grupo Aeroméxico affiliate Aeroméxico Connect (2), the Querétaro-based regional carrier TAR Aerolíneas (4), and the country’s two ULCCs VivaAerobus (1) and Volaris (3 + 3 international), see below for further international details.

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TAR introduced 3 weekly frequencies between Durango and Ciudad Juarez (CJS) -on March 1, 2018- with flights on Tues., Thurs., and Saturdays, followed by the incorporation of services between DURango and Monterrey (MTY) -on Nov. 14, 2018- with flights on Wed. and Saturdays; this carrier’s most recent addition was (DUR-QRO) Querétaro, on Sept. 26, 2019

VivaAerobus landed in Durango on Nov. 14, 2018., with two weekly services from Monterrey (MTY), currently on Mondays and Fridays

Volaris launched two new services out of DURango -on June 15, 2019- when it connected the city to Guadalajara (GDL) and to Mexico City (MEX), initially offering three weekly flights -Mon., Wed. and Sat.- on both routes

Mexico City (MEX) – Tijuana (TIJ)
Ciudad Juarez (CJS) – Guadalajara (GDL) – Monterrey (MTY) – Querétaro (QRO)
Guadalajara (GDL) – Mexico City (MEX) – Tijuana (TIJ)
Monterrey (MTY)

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Direct International flights to / from Durango

(December 31, 2019)

In the international arena, there are currently two airlines providing cross-border services from DGO, the Mexican ULCC Volaris (3), and the US carrier American Airlines (AA), which competes with the Mexican ULCC on its route to Dallas.

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Volaris launched twice weekly (Tues./Sat.) services from Durango to Chicago (MDW) on Dec. 8, 2015; its second international route from Durango was incorporated -on July 13, 2016- with services to Los Angeles (LAX) and this ULCC’s third cross-border option here is its connection Dallas (DFW-DGO) Durango, launched -on June 15, 2019- the latter offering three weekly flights on Mon., Wed. and Saturdays

American Airlines announced -at the beginning of Oct. 2018- its connection between Dallas (DFW-DGO) Durango with daily flights using its Embraer ERJ-145 (50 seats) -as of June 6, 2019- thus upping its portfolio of Mexican destinations to 22

Volaris Chicago (MDW) – Dallas (DFW) – Los Angeles (LAX)
American Airlines Dallas (DFW)

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Parking – Durango Airport

The GPS coordinates for the Durango Airport are: Lat.: 24° 07′ 27″ N // Long.: 104° 31′ 40.8″ W

The parking at Durango Airport costs MXN 28 per hour, with a maximum daily charge of MXN200.; the parking area is directly in front of the Terminal building and is available 24 hours. There is an automatic (cash machine) payment option at the parking lot exits, and if you run out of cash, payment can be made by credit card: Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Beware! Lose your parking ticket for this airport and it will cost you MXN 200


Car Hire – Durango Airport

For those of you who choose to rent a car on your arrival at Durango Airport, there is a selection of 5 car-rental agencies at the Terminal, including Alamo, Budget, Xpert, Hertz and Signature, all of which are located on the ground floor. The opening hours of these agencies vary but you should find an option as of 05:30 hours until 00:30 hours!

If you are open to picking up your rental car in the city itself, check out our car hire options below.

Just type in Durango to check out our online car reservations for this city.

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Taxis and Transfers – Durango Airport

The Durango Airport offers two ‘official taxi’ options: Transportaciones Aeroterrestres and Xokajac, both of which offer services starting at 06:00 hours and ending at midnight (local time) daily.

Take care, if you wish to hire an official taxi on arrival at Durango, only Mexican Pesos are accepted


Left Luggage – Durango Airport

No details on these services are available … yet.


Lost and Found – Durango Airport

The Lost and Found office at Durango Airport is located on the second floor in the adminstration offices, open from 09:00 to 23:00 hrs., Mon. to Friday. See ‘Contact info’ below for telephone.

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Money – Durango Airport

Durango Airport offers ATM services from Banorte, HSBC, Intercam and Santander, located on the ground floor. As far as we are aware there are no money exchange services on offer at Durango Airport.


Health – Durango Airport

No details on these services are available … yet.

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Shopping / food – Durango Airport

The shopping options at Durango Airport include the Mini Market, for books and magazines, whilst the ‘Cazzorra‘ store is great for gifts/handcrafts. As far as food is concerned, there is the Sigaretta-El Café restaurant and the Snack Bar., both open from 05:00 to 21:00 hrs., the former until 23:00 hrs. at weekends.

Duty-free services at Durango Airport come in the form of the Dufry Duty Free outlet

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Passenger Numbers – Durango Airport

From 2010, Durango’s Guadalupe Victoria International Airport more or less maintained the same level of passenger numbers until the year 2015, when it showed a spike in its visitor numbers. In 2010, the airport handled 217,230 passengers; in 2011, the number increased by around 10,000 to close the year with 227,131 passengers, whilst in 2012, the number reached 241,946. According to official company figures, the following year -2013- saw a slight dip in visitor numbers to 235,952 and then, in 2014, the figures returned to their positive trend with a total of 255,937 passengers passing through the terminal.

In 2014, Durango International Airport was placed at #36 on Mexico’s busiest airports list

Of the 13 airports that make up Grupo OMA’s Mexican network, Durango was the airport that reported the largest annual increase in its passenger numbers in 2015, in percentage terms, registering a year-on-year increase of 23.4%, having handled 315,835 passengers throughout the year. Having said that, the fact is that in 2015 this airport was once again the least visited of all the Mexican airports operated by Grupo OMA. In terms of where the aforementioned passengers arrived from, the split between domestic and international visitors was as follows: the domestic market supplied the Terminal with 292,030 passengers, whilst the international services contributed with 22,805. These figures show the domestic market registered a very positive annual increase of 27.0%, whilst on the international front it had a net loss of 9.6%, compared with 2014.

Of OMA’s 13 airports, Durango landed the largest annual passenger increase in 2015: 23.4%

For 2016, this Airport had its best result in many years, having upped its passenger numbers by over 100,000 throughout the period when compared to the previous year;  the year closed with a total passenger headcount of 424,415 having transitted the installations, of which 375,735 arrived on domestic flights and the remaining 48,680 passengers on international services. This was the largest annual percentage increase of the Top 50 busiest airports in Mexico throughout 2016, at 34.38%, thus upping its position on the said list to #34.

In 2016, Durango’s International Airport rose two places on Mexico’s busiest airports list to #34

Unfortunately, in 2017, the Airport registered a negative result compared with the previous year, with a drop of more or less 30,000 in its passenger numbers to close the year with a total of 395,905 visitors, which translates to a drop of 7.3% for the year. As you can see from the following details, it was the domestic niche that registered the aforementioned dip in the numbers, with a total of 338.471 passengers arriving on domestic services, while the international niche actually showed an increase of almost 10,000 passengers for the year to close at 57,434. Despite the net loss in passenger numbers, Durango maintained its position on Mexico’s busiest airports list at #34 in 2017.

Durango had a negative global result in 2017, but posted its best ever international passenger result: 57,434

According to an official press release from Grupo OMA, throughout 2018, the International Airport of Durango posted a global increase in its passenger numbers of 5.8% for the year, having handled 418,914 passengers and thus returned to positive results. The domestic niche here contributed with 363,174 passengers to register annual growth of 7.3%, having upped the total by roughly 25,000 passengers; for its part, the international sector provided the remaining 55,740 passengers to give a slight contraction in this niche of 2.9%. Overall, Durango was the 12th busiest of the 13 Mexican airports operated by the OMA Group.

In 2018, Durango returned to positive results, posting an annual increase of 5.8% to surpass the 400-thousand-passenger mark and maintain its position -at #34- on the Republic’s top airports list

Throughout 2019, Durango was the Terminal with the second largest percentage increase of the year among the 13 Mexican airports operated by Grupo OMA, with an impressive global, year-on-year gain of 25.8%, or -to put it another way- an increase of over 100,000 passengers compared with the previous year and thus repeating -and surpassing- the positive result regitered in 2016, to close the year with its best ever global result: 527,004 passengers, and thus more than double the passenger count for 2014 in just five years.

Durango Airport added over 100,000 passengers to its annual passenger headcount again in 2019 to become the 11th most important Terminal operated by Grupo OMA and thus surpass the half-million passenger mark for the first time

The domestic niche upped its annual passenger count with an increase of 19.2%, having handled 432,766 passengers on internal flights, whilst the international arena contributed with 94,238 passengers to post an impressive annual increase of 69.1%, which -according to the official press release from OMA- was due mainly to an increase in numbers on the Durango (DGO-DFW) Dallas route, which upped the passenger count by an impressive 110.3%.

As mentioned above, the Mexican ULCC added this route to its DGO offering in mid-June, 2019., and -the same month- American Airlines changed its aircraft on this route to offer more capacity. So, definately good news for Durango as it became the 11th most important airport of the Group in 2019, by surpassing the passenger count at the Airport of Reynosa, and thus consolidated the positive result registered at DGO in 2018.

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General Statistics – Durango Airport

Lat.: 24° 07′ 27″ N // Long.: 104° 31′ 40.8″ W (These coordinates are not for air navigation.)
15.5 kilometers
525.15 hectares
1,860.5 meters
2,900 x 45 meters – OPH* 40

*Operations per hour

3,842 m2

*Passengers per hour


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Contact Information for Durango Airport

Telephone Numbers – Durango Airport

From within the city, use only the number below.
From outside the city but within Mexico, dial +01-(618), then the number below.
From outside Mexico, dial +52-(618), then the number below.
Airport information
817-8898 // 118-7012
Tourism information
Lost & Found 118-7012 – Ext.: 133
Currency exchange XXXXXXXXXX
Immigration XXXXXXXXXX
Airport security XXXXXXXXXX
Tourist Police XXXXXXXXXX
Civil Aviation Authority
SAGARPA/SENESICA Ministry for Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Alimentation XXXXXXXXXX
Navigation Services in Mexican Airspace

Address – Durango Airport

Km 15.5 on the Durango – Gómez Palacios Highway, C.P. 34305, Durango, Durango

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