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Introduction to La Paz Airport

The La Paz Airport codes are as follows: IATA CODE: LAP // ICAO CODE: MMLP

The International Airport of La Paz, also known as the Manuel Márquez de León International Airport, is located 11 kilometres to the southeast of the city along the Trans-Peninsular Highway from La Paz -thus serving the capital of the Mexican State of Baja California Sur- and is operated by Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico, S.A.B. de C. V. (Grupo GAP).

The International Airport of La Paz was inaugurated on June 17, 1952

La Paz International Airport has one terminal and one runway. The airport terminal offers visitors 5,180 sq. mts. of space on two floors, whilst the airport itself covers an area of 613.58 hectares. In 2017, La Paz Airport was the 7th busiest of the 12 Mexican airports operated by Grupo GAP, in terms of passenger numbers; in 2018, this Terminal registered a much more positive headcount than the previous year, closing the period with 926,300 passengers, see below for further details.

In 2018, La Paz handled 926,300 passengers, thus placing it at #21 on Mexico’s busiest airports list

Arrivals & Departures – La Paz




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Airlines and Routes – La Paz Airport

Direct Domestic flights to / from La Paz

(February 5, 2020)

La Paz International Airport is served by 4 Mexican airlines offering 15 direct scheduled domestic destinations; what’s interesting in La Paz is that -on its own- one of Mexico’s regional carriers: Calafaia Airlines, is currently offering no less than 13 direct services out of LAP.

The other airlines serving this state capital are Grupo Aeroméxico affiliate Aeroméxico Connect (1), along with the two Mexican ULCCs VivaAerobus (4) and Volaris (3).

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The ULCC VivaAerobus incorporated services between (LAP-MTY) Monterrey -as of Nov. 1, 2019- with two weekly frequencies, on Mondays and Fridays

Aeroméxico Connect
Mexico City (MEX)
Cabo San Lucas (CSL) – Chihuahua (CUU) – Ciudad Obregón (CEN) – Culiacán (CUL) – Guadalajara (GDL) – Guasave (ICAO Code – MM52) – Hermosillo (HMO) – Loreto (LTO) – Los Mochis (LMM) – Mazatlán (MZT) – Mexicali (MXL) – Monterrey (MTY) – Puerto Vallarta (PVR)
Culiacan (CUL) – Guadalajara (GDL) – Mazatlán (MZT) – Monterrey (MTY)
Guadalajara (GDL) – Mexico City (MEX) – Tijuana (TIJ)


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Parking – La Paz Airport

The GPS coordinates for La Paz Airport are: Lat.: 24° 04′ 21″ N // Long.: 110° 21′ 44″ W

The parking here (available from 05:30 to 23:00 hours) -for the first 7 hours- costs as follows -per hour (no fractions allowed)- MXN 32, MXN 20, MXN 26, MXN 22, MXN 27, MXN 26 and MXN 12, respectively; the 8th and 9th hours cost MXN 10 per hour, with a maximum daily charge of MXN 205; the second to the fifth day cost MXN 120 per day, and further days are charged at a rate of MXN 100.

Beware! A lost parking ticket here translates into an additional charge of MXN 230


Car Hire – La Paz Airport

On arrival at La Paz Airport, if you wish to hire a car you can choose from the following car-rental agencies: Alamo, Arrendadoras La Paz, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Europcar, Hertz and Thrifty. The opening hours for all the aforementioned options are from 07:00 to 23:00 hours (daily), except Budget which closes at 20:00 hrs.

If you are open to picking up your rental car in La Paz itself, try our online reservations below.

Just type in La Paz and the dates to check out our online car reservations in the city.


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Taxis and Transfers – La Paz Airport

The “official taxi” option serving La Paz Airport offers the following prices: City Center: MXN 175; other destinations within the city can cost up to MXN 300. As an example, the price stipulated for the Fiesta Inn Hotel is MXN 350.

The four companies providing the said services are as follows: Mas Vacaciones, Servicios de Logistica y Transporte, Transportistas Josefinos and Trans Vacaciones.


Left Luggage – La Paz Airport

No details on these services are available … yet.


Lost and Found – La Paz Airport

No details on these services are available … yet.

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Money – La Paz Airport

The La Paz Airport offers two options regarding money. There is a Scotiabank Inverlat ATM and a money exchange option called Aerocambio (open from 09:00 to 18:00 hours).


Health – La Paz Airport

No details on these services are available … yet.

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Shopping / Food – La Paz Airport

The food options available at La Paz Airport include a Snack Bar and Boston Hot Dogs; the Flaps Restaurant and the Cafe Exquisito coffee shop. Bon Apetit!

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Passenger Numbers – La Paz Airport

As far as the passenger numbers at La Paz International Airport are concerned, in the company’s Corporate Presentation -published in Jan. 2020- it shows that the passenger growth last year at LAP brought the last decade to end on a high point -though the first four years of the 2010s posted mixed results- the period began -in 2010- with a passenger count of 558,800* and -finally- surpassed the million-passenger threshold -in 2019- by handling 1,008,100 passengers, thus -almost- doubling the passenger figures here at the close of the decade.

Throughout the last decade, La Paz International Airport kicked off with 558,800 passengers -in 2010- and closed the period -in 2019- by handling 1,008,100 visitors to Baja California Sur, thus all but doubling its passenger statistics over the ten-year period

In 2011, La Paz had a headcount of 546,500* passengers -a slight annual dip- and in 2012 the numbers returned to show a slight positive result with 553,100* passsengers; this was followed by another slightly negative result -531,140 passengers- in 2013, but the good news is that in 2014 the trend returned to positive numbers with an official total of 583,529 passengers, an annual increase of 9.86%, and -more importantly- every year since then this Terminal has posted concsecutive annual passenger growth.

La Paz International Airport registered a year-on-year passenger increase of almost 10% in 2014

In 2015. the International Airport of La Paz broke the 600,000 barrier in passenger numbers for the first time to close the year with a total of 623,475 and report an annual increase of 6.85%. This result was the terminal’s second consecutive year of positive results and placed the airport at #22 on Mexico’s busiest airports list.

In 2015, La Paz Airport was placed at position #22 on the country’s busiest airports list

Throughout 2016, according to the official figures released by Grupo GAP, a total of 846,600 passengers transitted the installations here, which translates to a very healthy 24.1% year-on-year increase. The domestic niche contributed with 835,600 passengers and the international sector added the other 10,900; these figures led to increases in both niches, the domestic with a 24.2% increase and the international with 11.2%, meaning La Paz upped its standing on the country’s busiest airports list by 4 positions to close the year at #18.

La Paz rose 4 positions on Mexico’s busiest airports list in 2016, to position #18

The headcount for passengers at La Paz in 2017 was 848,500 for the period, with the domestic sector registering 837,600 passengers and the international niche adding the remaining 10,900 – the same as 2016 – leading to annual increases of 0.2% and 0.6%, respectively. Note that Grupo GAP rounds their official figures to the hundreds, thus leading to the same figure for both years regarding the internatioanal niche. The negative news from these results was that this Terminal slipped one place to #19 on the country’s busiest airports list in 2017.

La Paz Airport reported annual global growth of 9.2% in 2018, meaning it remained as Grupo GAP’s 8th busiest Mexican airport

In 2018, the La Paz International Airport registered a repectable annual growth rate of 9.2%, having handled 926,300 passengers for the year and thus crept ever close to the 1-million-passenger mark in 2018.

The domestic sector at La Paz grew by 9.2% -the same as the global figure- whilst the cross border niche at LAP upped its passenger count by exactly 5% in 2018

Of the aforementioned global headcount at La Paz, the domestic niche registered 914,900 passengers throughout 2018 -a year-on-year growth rate of 9.2%, the same as the global figure- with the international sector here contibuted with the remaining 11,400 passengers to post a more moderate growth of exactly 5% in this niche.

Despite passenger growth of over 9% in 2018, La Paz Airport slipped down two places on Mexico’s busiest airports list, to #21

Last year -as mentioned above- La Paz Airport finally surpassed the 1-million-passenger mark to report a year-on-year increase of 8.8% having handled a global total of 1,008,100* passengers to close the decade on a positive note; the domestic passenger niche -in 2019- contributed with 995,400* passengers -also up 8.8%- and ever closer to the million mark, whilst -for its part- the international market at LAP posted a headcount of 12,800* passengers to give a double-digit annual growth rate of 11.8%.

La Paz Airport joined the ranks of Grupo GAP’s -now eight- Mexican airports to handle over a million passengers annually, though it still only managed to maintain its position on Mexico’s busiest airports list -in 2019- at #21

So … though one year later … La Paz managed followed in the footsteps of its Grupo GAP partner airport at Mexicali to surpass the imaginary boundary of 1 mn passengers, thus meaning that no less than 8 of Grupo GAP’s 12-airport network in Mexico registered over a million passengers in 2019 for the first time, certainly good news for this Group.

Grupo GAP releases its passenger statistics rounded up to the nearest hundred, which is why many of the above numbers end in at least two zeros

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General Statistics – La Paz Airport

Lat.: 24° 04′ 21″ N // Long.: 110° 21′ 44″ W (These coordinates are not for air navigation).
11 Kilometers
613.58 hectares
21 meters
2,500 x 45 meters
3,503 m2

*Passengers per hour


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Contact Information for La Paz Airport

Telephone Numbers – La Paz Airport

From within the city, use only the number below.
From outside the city but within Mexico, dial +01-(612), then the number below.
From outside Mexico, dial +52-(612), then the number below.
Airport information
633-0734 //  124-6307 + 36
Tourism information
Currency exchange XXXXXXXXXX
Immigration XXXXXXXXXX
Airport security XXXXXXXXXX
Tourist Police XXXXXXXXXX
Civil Aviation Authority
SAGARPA/SENESICA Ministry for Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Alimentation XXXXXXXXXX
Navigation Services in Mexican Airspace

Address – La Paz Airport

Carretera Transpeninsular Km. 13, La Paz, C.P. 23201, Baja California Sur

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