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Introduction to Los Mochis Airport

The Los Mochis Int. Airport codes are as follows: IATA CODE: LMM // ICAO CODE: MMLM

The International Airport of Los Mochis, also known as the Valle del Fuerte International Airport, lies 18 Kilometres to the southeast of Los Mochis -in Sinaloa State- along the Los Mochis-Topolobambo Highway and is operated by Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico, S.A.B. de C. V. (Grupo GAP).

The Valle del Fuerte International Airport was originally opened by ASA on April 27, 1982

Los Mochis initially inaugurated what was called the Cerro de la Memoria airfield on March 1, 1929., but these installations were replaced by the present-day airport, originally opened to the public on April 27, 1982., under the administration of Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares (ASA).

Los Mochis Airport is a gateway to the Copper Canyon –Barrancas del Cobre– Chihuahua

Then, with the creation of Grupo GAP, the installations were handed over to the newly created private group in 1998, since when it has formed part of the 12-airport network operated by GAP. Although this airport is classified as international, it currently offers only domestic routes. Regarding passenger numbers, in 2017, Los Mochis Airport was number 11 of the 12 Mexican terminals that make up Grupo GAP’s airport network, see below for more details.

The regional airline Aeropacífico uses the Los Mochis Airport as its operational base


Arrivals & Departures – Los Mochis




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Airlines and Routes – Los Mochis Airport

Direct Domestic flights to / from Los Mochis

(February 9, 2020)

Los Mochis Airport is currently served by four airlines airlines, including one regional carrier: Calafia Airlines (8), the Grupo Aeroméxico affiliate airline Aeroméxico Connect (1), plus the two Mexican ULCCs: VivaAerobus (1) and Volaris (3); as a group, these carriers currently provide point-to-point flights to 11 domestic destinations.

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VivaAerobus launched services between Los Mochis and Monterry -as of April 2, 2019- offering two weekly frequencies: Tuesdays and Saturdays

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Monterrey (MTY)
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Parking – Los Mochis Airport

The GPS coordinates for Los Mochis Airport are: Lat.: 25° 41´46” N // Long.: 109° 04´ 50” W

The parking here (available from 06:00 to 22:00 hours) costs MXN 27 for each of the first 2 hours (no fractions allowed) and the 3rd costs MXN 24 while the 4th hour costs MXN 27; the 5th and 6th cost MXN 25 each, and thereafter the cost per hour is MXN 10, MXN 15 and then MXN 10 each for the 9th to the 11th hour.

The maximum daily charge for the first two days is MXN 210, the 3rd to the 5th days cost MXN 180 each and the 6th to the 11th days cost MXN 160 each. Payment is made manually at the booth on leaving the installations.

Beware! Lose your parking ticket here and you will be charged an extra MXN 230


Car Hire – Los Mochis Airport

For those of you looking to arrange your car hire on arrival at the Los Mochis airport, there are three car rental companies available: Avannti, Hertz and Rentatur.

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Taxis and Transfers – Los Mochis Airport

There are official taxis available at Los Mochis Aiport, though we are unaware of the companies and prices available.


Left Luggage – Los Mochis Airport

No details on these services are available … yet.


Lost and Found – Los Mochis Airport

No details on these services are available … yet.

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Money – Los Mochis Airport

The only financial services on offer at Los Mochis Airport come in the form of ATMs by the HSBC Bank.


Health – Los Mochis Airport

No details on these services are available … yet.

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Shopping / Food – Los Mochis Airport

The choice is somewhat restricted here regarding food, but there’s a Starbucks, there’s also an Aero Market convenience store.

Duty-free services at Acapulco Airport come in the form of the Dufry Duty Free outlet

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Passenger Numbers – Los Mochis Airport

The passenger numbers for Los Mochis International Airport peaked at 243,300 in 2010, thus giving this Terminal a good start to the last decade. Thereafter the Terminal registered mixed results but finally closed the decade -in 2019- with its best ever passenger headcount of 391,300 and thus also ended the decade on a positive note.

The last decade saw Los Mochis Airport increase its annual passenger count by almost 150,000 passengers to post its best ever result -in 2019- having handled 391,300 passengers throughout the year

However, after the positive start in 2010, the numbers at LMM hit a downward trend which bottomed out in 2013, with the visitor numbers registering 161,057. This was followed -in 2014- with the airport returning to a positive trend, when it handled 189,273 passengers, according to the official statistics released by Grupo GAP.

Throughout 2014, Los Mochis handled a total of 189,273 passengers, up 7.24% on the previous year

Los Mochis International Airport was one of a group of 7 Mexican airports to register annual passenger increases of above 20% in 2015; in this case, the airport added over 46,000 passengers to its 2014 result, thus giving a total of 235,000 passengers throughout the year, which translates to an annual increase of 24.33%.

Los Mochis registered a second consecutive positive year in 2015, passenger numbers were up 24.33%, and thus consolidated the previous year’s result

Of the aforementioned total, 231,449 passengers arrived to the terminal on domestic flights and the remaining 3,874 visited the city on private international services. These results meant that Los Mochis was placed at #40 on Mexico’s busiest airports list in 2015.

Los Mochis was placed at #40 on Mexico’s busiest airports list in 2015

According to the official statistics released by Grupo GAP, in 2016 this airport handled a total of 347,400 passengers, thus giving a 19.4% increase over the 2015 result. The said total was supplied mainly by the domestic niche -341,700 passengers- with the remaining visitors having arrived on private international flights.

In 2016, Los Mochis Airport increased its standing on the top airports list to #38

In 2017, this Terminal registered only a slight increase of 0.3% in its passenger numbers, having handled 348,500 for the period. As is customary here, the domestic market contributed with the vast majority of passengers -a total of 342,200 for the year- to post an annual increase of 0.1%, whilst the international figures increased to 6,400 -up 12.2%- for this niche over the period.

Los Mochis registered just 0.3% growth in 2017, with the domedstic niche adding just 0.1% and the international sector upping its headcount by 12.2%

Throughout 2018, Los Mochis International Airport posted a global contraction in its passengers numbers to close the period down 1.1% on 2017, having handled a total of 344,800 passenegers throughout the period. The domestic niche registered exactly the same contraction as the global figure: 1.1%, whilst the international sector contracted by 1.2%, after handling 338,500 and 6,300 passengers, respectively.

After four consecutive years of passenger growth at Los Mochis, the figures contracted in 2018, down 1.1% when compared to 2017

Throughout 2019, the Los Mochis Airport registered a healthy double-digit increase in its passenger count to close the year with a 13.5% increase in the visitors transitting this Terminal to give a total of 391,300 passengers -according to the official figures released by Grupo GAP- and thus returned to a positive trend by adding over 35,000 to the previous year’s count and recording its best ever result, in terms of passenger numbers. Certainly not a bad way to close the last decade.

Los Mochis returned to a positive trend in 2019, when it registered a total of 391,300 passengers and thus posted its best ever annual figure

The vast majority of the passengers at LMM were registered on domestic services, by way of which 384,400 passengers arrived/departed this airport to post a year-on-year increase of exactly the same as the global increase: 13.5%, whilst -for its part- the international sector contributed with 6,900 passengers, up 10.2%.

Grupo GAP releases its passenger statistics rounded up to the nearest hundred, which is why the above numbers end in at least two zeros

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General Statistics – Los Mochis Airport

Lat.: 25° 41´46” N // Long.: 109° 04´ 50” W (These coordinates are not for air navigation).
18 Kilometres
383.5 hectares
4.25 meters
2,000 X 45 meters
2,428 m2

*Passengers per hour


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Contact Information for Los Mochis Airport

Telephone Numbers – Los Mochis Airport

From within the city, use only the number below.
From outside the city but within Mexico, dial +01-(668), then the number below.
From outside Mexico, dial +52-(668), then the number below.
Airport information
Tourism information
Currency exchange XXXXXXXXXX
Immigration XXXXXXXXXX
Airport security XXXXXXXXXX
Tourist Police XXXXXXXXXX
Civil Aviation Authority
SAGARPA/SENESICA Ministry for Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Alimentation XXXXXXXXXX
Navigation Services in Mexican Airspace

Address – Los Mochis Airport

Los Mochis-Topolobampo Highway at Km. 12.5, Los Mochis, Ahome, C.P. 81360, Sinaloa

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