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See our introduction to the State of Colima

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Introduction to Manzanillo Airport

The Manzanillo Airport codes are as follows: IATA CODE: ZLO // ICAO CODE: MMZO

The International Airport of Manzanillo (ZLO), -located in the State of Colima- is also known as the Playa de Oro International Airport, lies over 30 Kms. to the northwest of Manzanillo along the Manzanillo-Barra de Navidad Highway (Km. 42). The drive takes around 35 minutes along this coastal road.

The Airport of Manzanillo opened to the public on February 1st, 1974

Manzanillo airport is one of 12 Mexican airports operated by Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico, S.A.B. de C. V. (Grupo GAP), and is the Group’s least visited in terms of passenger numbers, though still handled almost 200,000 -in 2014- by way of its one-runway, one-terminal installations.

Manzanillo Airport was placed 39th on Mexico’s busiest airport list in 2014

Given the high volume of international tourism to Manzanillo, these installations form part of a group of several Mexican airports offering a higher number of international routes than domestic. As far as the passenger numbers at Manzanillo Airport are concerned, it was the bottom of the 12-airport network operated by Grupo GAP in 2017, see below for more details.



Arrivals & Departures – Manzanillo


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Airlines and Routes – Manzanillo Airport

Direct Domestic flights to / from Manzanillo

(February 16, 2020)

The Playa de Oro International Airport (ZLO) serves the city of Manzanillo and currently plays host to just one Mexican airline, the Grupo Aeroméxico affiliate Aeroméxico Connect, which offers one direct service from ZLO to Mexico City (MEX) with two daily frequencies. See below for the international options.

Aeromar has announced its first new route launch of 2020, uniting Manzanillo (ZLO-MEX) Mexico City -as of March 2- the services kicking off with daily flights and will thus provide a little competition on this route

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Mexico City (MEX – as of March 2, 2020)
Mexico City (MEX)


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Direct International flights to / from Manzanillo


(February 16, 2020)

There are currently 3 regular international routes to/from Manzanillo with flights being offered by the US carriers Alaska Airlines (1), American Airlines (1), and United Airlines (1).

As for seasonal options -as of Nov. 2019- the number of international gateways increased to 4 with the start of winter services from the Canadian carrier WestJet Airlines, which is -once again- connecting Calgary (YYC-ZLO) Manzanillo.

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WestJet Airlines is -once again- providing Manzanillo with seasonal Winter 2019/20 services from Calgary (YCQ)

Alaska Airlines Los Angeles (LAX)
American Airlines Phoenix (PHX)
United Airlines – United Express Houston (IAH)
WestJet Calgary* (YYC – winter season only)


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Parking – Manzanillo Airport

The GPS coordinates for Manzanillo Airport are: Lat. 19° 08′ 91″ N // Long.: 104° 33′ 58″ W

The parking here (available 08:00 to 20:00 hrs.) -for the first five hours- costs MXN 28, MXN 32, MXN 20, MXN 25, and MXN 15 per hour, respectively, with no fractions allowed; the maximum daily charge for the first two days is MXN 200, the 3rd to 5th days cost MXN 170 each, and -up to the 10th day the charge is MXN 150; thereafter each day costs MXN 144. Payment is manual on exiting the Parking.

Beware! Lose your parking ticket here and you will have to pay an additional MXN 230


Car Hire – Manzanillo Airport

On arrival at the Manzanillo Airport there are four options for your car hire needs, the following is a list of the car rental companies: Alamo, Budget, Sixt Rent a Car and Thrifty. The offices are on the right-hand side of the Terminal as you are leaving.

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Taxis and Transfers – Manzanillo Airport

Official taxis await your arrival to the right-hand side as you leave the Terminal building.


Left Luggage – Manzanillo Airport

No details on these services are available … yet.


Lost and Found – Manzanillo Airport

No details on these services are available … yet.

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Money – Manzanillo Airport

The only banking services at Manzanillo Airport are HSBC ATMs.


Health – Manzanillo Airport

No details on these services are available … yet.

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Shopping / food – Manzanillo Airport

Not a lot on offer here in terms of competition, there’s a Snack bar and a Cafeteria, and for shopping there’s an Aero Market.

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VIP Salons – Manzanillo Airport

The only available VIP Salon at the Manzanillo Airport is the Salon Diamante, for the clients of Aeromar and those of one of its code-share partners: Grupo Aeroméxico.


Passenger Numbers – Manzanillo Airport

In 2010, the Manzanillo International Airport handled 159,700 passengers to start the new decade with a positive result; since then the results here have been mixed but the good news is that -in 2019- this Terminal registered a passenger total of 174,700 to once again post a positive annual result and thus bring the last decade to a close on a positive note, with a year-on-year gain of 1.3%, according to the official figures released by Grupo GAP.

Manzanillo Airport began the last decade -in 2010- with 159,700 passengers per year and closed the period -in 2019- with 174,700 passengers, thus increasing the passenger total by 15,000 passengers over the ten-year period

Unfortunately, in both 2011 and 2012, this Terminal posted two consecutive years of contraction in the passengers numbers transitting this Airport, though both were slight, and then -in 2013- the positive results registered that year pushed this Airport up 4 places on the country’s busiest airports list -to #39- after an impressive annual increase of 15%, having handled 193,300 passengers throughout the period.

In 2013, the Manzanillo Airport registered an annual increase of 32.7% in the domestic niche

According to the official figures released by Grupo GAP, the Playa de Oro International Airport of Manzanillo registered over 200,000 passengers for the first time in 2014, the total being 211,300 passengers. This figure translates to a global year-on-year increase of 9.3%, which was divided between the domestic market -with 126,800 passengers- and, for its part, the international niche contributed the remaining 84,500 passengers meaning that both sectors registered annual increases, of 8% and 11.4%, respectively.

In 2014, the visitor numbers at Manzanillo Airport surpassed the 200,000 mark for the first time

Unfortunately, throughout 2015 the passenger numbers dropped 8% globally when compared to the previous year to register 194,400. This figure was due to an annual decline of 19.6% in the domestic niche to give a total of just 102,000 passengers; fortunately, the international passengers contributed with an annual increase -of 9.4%- with 92,400 cross-border passengers transitting the Terminal, only 10,000 less than the domestic market, and thus mitigating the overall loss.

Despite a global decrease in total passengers at Manzanillo in 2015, the international niche added 9.4% compared with 2014

For 2016, the number of passengers handled at Manzanillo once again registered a slight global loss -0.4%- for the year, having handled a total of 195,000  passengers. The domestic niche contributed with 145,200 passengers and the international sector added the remaining 81,000 passengers and thus translated to a gain of 11.9% in the domestic sector and a loss of 12.4% in the international arena. The figures were negative again in 2017, with a total of 182,000 passengers throughout the period, with both the domestic and international sectors registering dips in their passenger numbers, of 11.4% and 0.2%, respectively.

Unfortunately, the bad news continued at Manzanillio Airport in 2018, with the installation’s global passenger numbers down by 5.2% for the year

Manzanillo registered its fourth consecutive negative result regarding passenger numbers in 2018, this time the global headcount was down by 5.2% when compared with 2017, having handled 172,500 passengers throughout the period. For its part, the domestic niche contracted by 3.8% -with 97,200 passengers- whilst the international passenger count dropped by 6.9%, having registered 75,300 passengers throughout 2018.

Finally, to close the last decade -in 2019- the passenger numbers at ZLO returned to a positive trend with the global passenger headcount for the year being 174,700 to post a year-on-year increase of 1.3%, slight, but positive

Manzanillo finally returned to positive numbers -in 2019- and thus closed the decade on a positive note, after upping the global passenger headcount to 174,700 for the period; the said total was divided into 95,300 passengers in the domestic market -down 1.9% on 2018- whilst the international niche reported the best result -up 5.4% on 2018- to increase the cross-border visitor numbers by -approx.- 4,000 and post an annual headcount of 79,400 passengers.

Grupo GAP releases its passenger statistics rounded up to the nearest hundred, which is why the above numbers end in at least two zeros

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General Statistics – Manzanillo Airport

Lat. 19° 08′ 91″ N // Long.: 104° 33′ 58″ W (These coordinates are not for air navigation).
45 Kilometres
202 hectares
30 meters
2,200 x 45 meters
4,700 m2

*Passengers per hour


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Contact Information for Manzanillo Airport

Telephone Numbers – Manzanillo Airport

From within the city, use only the number below.
From outside the city but within Mexico, dial +01-(314), then the number below.
From outside Mexico, dial +52-(314), then the number below.
Airport information
333-1119 // 333-2525
Tourism information
Currency exchange XXXXXXXXXX
Immigration XXXXXXXXXX
Airport security XXXXXXXXXX
Tourist Police XXXXXXXXXX
Civil Aviation Authority
SAGARPA/SENESICA Ministry for Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Alimentation XXXXXXXXXX
Navigation Services in Mexican Airspace

Address – Manzanillo Airport

Manzanillo-Barra de Navidad Highway at Km. 42, Col. Playa de Oro, Manzanillo, C.P. 28219, Colima

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