Direct flights between Mexico and Brazil


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Airlines serving the Brazil-Mexico international niche

The direct options for air travel connecting Brazil with Mexico have recently seen a new player enter this international niche, with the Brazilian LCC Gol Linhas Aéreas launching services to become the third carrier to operate direct Brazil-Mexico flights.

The other two carriers providing direct flights between these two countries are currently -Oct. 2019- Aeromexico, the country’s flagship carrier, whilst -from Brazil- the other player operating in this cross-border niche is the LATAM Airlines Group.

See below for further -airline specific- information including the city-pair options offered, a -very short- intro to each airline, plus their local contact information and links to the Mexican airports they serve.

Mexican airlines with direct flights to Brazil



Aeroméxico offers Mexico - Brazil flights.
Aeroméxico , Mexico’s flagship carrier, offers direct Mexico-Brazil flights, uniting São Paulo (GRU-MEX) Mexico City.

Aeroméxico, a founding member of the global airline alliance SkyTeam, has connected Mexico City (MEX-GRU) São Paulo with direct flights since the launch of services back in 1997.

See our introduction to Aeroméxico

Aeroméxico unites the Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX) with São Paulo Guarulhos–Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport (GRU) currently -Oct. 2019- offering daily direct services (two flights on Fri. and Sun.), with both airports hosting this carrier in their respective Terminal 2s.

See Aeroméxico in Mexico City: Domestic / International

Previously, Aeroméxico was serving this route operating its Boeing 777-200 and 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft, but -as of Jan. 15, 2018- the company incorporated its 787-9 Dreamliner to provide some of the services for its MEX-GRU flights -in replacement for the Boeing 777-200s- so whichever flight you take you’ll be on one of Aeroméxico’s Dreamliners.

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary in São Paulo in Nov. 2017.,  Aeromexico announced it would up its offering on the route with additional seasonal flights, more specifically 3 new weekly frequencies beginning as of Nov. 2018, these options terminated in March 2019, as planned.

And -of note in this case- is the fact that Aeroméxico has a codeshare agreement with the Brazilian carrier GOL, which recently launched services to Mexico for the first time. Possibly no coincidence then that these two carriers have just announced an expansion of the said agreement, see ‘GOL in Mexico’ below for further details.

Aeroméxico is the only Mexican carrier offering direct Mexico-Brazil flights.

Aeromexico office – São Paulo:
Av. Paulista 777, Callejon 131, São Paulo, Brasil

Aeromexico telephone – São Paulo:
Call center – 0800 891 7512 // (55-11) 2344-3890

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Brazilian-based airlines with direct flights to Mexico



The Brazilian Low Cost Carrier GOL Linhas Aéreas offers direct Brasila (BSB-CUN) Cancun flights, this carrier’s 14th cross-border route.

The Brazilian Low Cost Carrier (LCC) GOL Linhas Aéreas announced plans to connect Brasilia with Cancun back in Sept. 2018, the announcement stating that it would operate the route using its Boeing 737 – MAX aircraft.

However, when the route connecting Brasília (BSB-CUN) Cancun was finally inaugurated -early June 2019- the company -due to the grounding of its Boeing MAX aircraft- launched operations using Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

See GOL Linhas Aéreas in Cancun

GOL Linhas Aéreas currently -Oct. 2019- unites Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport of Brasília (BSB-CUN) Cancun International Airport (CUN) with three weekly frequencies -on Wed., Fri. and Sun.- using the airline’s Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with seating for 186 passengers (12 in Conforto and 20 in Premium Economy).

The launch of the above services mean an additional direct option between Brazil and Mexico which had previously been unserved. Also of interest is that -in Nov. 2018- GOL announced it had expanded its codeshare agreement with Mexico’s flagship carrier: Aeroméxico, to cover a further seven Mexican destinations: Cancun (CUN), Guadalajara (GDL), León del Bajío (BJX), Los Cabos (SJD), Mexico City (MEX), Monterrey (MTY) and Tijuana (TIJ).

GOL has an order for 105 new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft (186 seats*) plus 30 x B737 MAX 10 (216 seats*) from the US manufacturer, though that plan may well be modified sometime in the future.

GOL Linhas Aéreas is Brazil’s largest airline -regarding passenger numbers- in 2017 it registered a headcount of 32 million throughout its portfolio of 67 destinations -13 international- so, with the launch of the Brasilia-Cancun flights, its international offering increased to 14 cross-border options.

GOL launched its operations -on January 15, 2001- with its inaugural flight connecting Brasília and São Paulo. It is the only LCC to unite Brazil and Mexico.

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official GOL Linhas Aéreas Web site

GOL Linhas Aéreas head office – São Paulo:
246, Rua Tamoios Jardim Airport
Tel.: 55 (11) 5098-7872

GOL Linhas Aéreas sales / customer service telephones:

Sales: Canada – United States: 1-855-862-9190 // Other countries: 55 (11) 5504-4410

Customer service: Brazil: 11-5504-4410

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LATAM Airlines in Mexico City
The LATAM Airlines Group, connects São Paulo with Mexico City using its Boeing 767-300 aircraft.

LATAM Airlines recently took over the operation of the services uniting São Paulo (GRU-MEX) Mexico City -formerly covered by LATAM Brasil- and is -still- offering the same single direct route between Brazil and Mexico in its route portfolio.

See LATAM Airlines in Mexico City

LATAM Airlines connects Terminal 3 of the São Paulo Guarulhos–Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport (GRU) with Terminal 1 of the Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX) currently -Oct. 2019- offering daily services using its Boeing 767-300 aircraft, with seating for 238 passengers: 209 in Economy and 29 in Premium Business.

The LATAM Airlines Group was created through a merger process between  LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines -from Chile and Brazil, respectively- with the merger finally being approved by the Chilean authorities -on 21 September 2011- and by the Brazilian authorities -on December 14, 2011- and was finally completed -on May 5, 2016- when LATAM Airlines joined the ranks of the world’s Top Ten largest carriers; as a group, LATAM Airlines operates a fleet of 287 aircraft, a mix of Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

And, the latest news regarding LATAM Airlines is that the US carrier Delta Air Lines has just -Sept. 27, 2019- announced plans to acquire a 20% stake in this South American Group -subject to approval from the relevant authorities- with the price tag of US$ 1.9 bn.

The abovementioned deal -if approved- could see many changes with regard to the LATAM Group, the most obvious being the carrier’s alliance with American Airlines and -for its part- Delta Air Lines‘ alliance with the Brazilian LCC GOL Linhas Aéreas. Also -as a result of the LAN-TAM merger- TAM left the Star Alliance to unite with the OneWorld alliance; Delta is currently a SkyTeam member.

LATAM Airlines is the only South American airline to offer direct Brazil-Mexico flights.

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official LATAM Airlines Web site

LATAM Offices – São Paulo:

Shopping Internacional de Guarulhos – Rua Engenheiro Camilo Olivetti 295.
Shopping Parque Maia – Av. Bartholomeu de Carlos 230.

LATAM Telephone – São Paulo:

Call center – 4002-5700 // From outside Brazil: 55 (11) 4002-5700

LATAM Airlines* Group members

LATAM Argentina / LATAM Brasil / LATAM Chile / LATAM Colombia
LATAM Ecuador / LATAM Express / LATAM Paraguay / LATAM Perú

*LATAM Airlines also operates several cargo airlines.

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