Direct flights between Mexico and Peru


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Airlines serving the Peru-Mexico international niche

The direct air-travel options between Peru and Mexico are operated by four carriers meaning it is one of the most competetive international niches between South America and Mexico.

The two Mexican airlines participating in this international market are the Republic’s flagship carrier: Aeromexico, along with the Mexican LCC Interjet; for its part, Peru also participates in this niche with two airlines that provide direct flights between this South American country and Mexico: Avianca Airlines Peru and LATAM Airlines Peru.

According to Peru’s Promotion Commission for Export and Tourism (PromPeru), the number of Mexicans arriving to the country by air in 2016 was 87,443 signifying a year-on-year increase of 15% over 2015; throughout 2017, Mexico contributed to the Peruvian receptive tourism niche with 93,763 visitors, and -in 2018- Mexico’s contribution to Peru for international arrivals was 103,620 visitors, an annual increase of 11%.

As of April 2020, the Peru – Mexico flight niche will see another carrier entering the fray for passengers in the form of the Chilean Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Sky Airline, though by way of its affiliate carrier Sky Peru.

See below for further -airline specific- information on the above named carriers including their city pairs and links to our information on the Mexican airports they serve, plus –where possible– local contact information.

Mexican airlines with direct flights to Peru



aeromexico in peru
Aeromexico, the SkyTeam founding member airline, offers direct services between Lima and Mexico City.

The Mexican flagship carrier and founding member airline of SkyTeam: Aeroméxico offers direct services between the Mexican capital: Mexico City, and the Peruvian capital: Lima.

See our introduction to Aeroméxico

Aeroméxico’s direct flights between the Benito Juárez International Airport of Mexico City (MEX-LIM) Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport currently -Oct. 2019- offer three daily direct frequencies.

See Aeroméxico in Mexico City: Domestic / International

Aeroméxico operates its Boeing 787-800 aircraft on the route between these two LatinAmerican capitals. It is one of two Mexican airlines offering direct Mexico – Peru flights.

Aeromexico office – Lima:
Av. Alfredo Benavides 1579, Edificio Park II, Office 405, Miraflores 15048, Lima, Peru.

Aeromexico telephone – Lima:
Call Center: 0800-53-407 // Airport: (511) 705-1111

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interjet in peru
Interjet, the Mexican LCC, offers direct services between the two Latin American capital cities: Lima and Mexico City.

Interjet -Mexico’s Low Cost Carrier (LCC)- offers one Peruvian destination in its route portfolio, also connecting the capitals of Mexico and Peru.

The Interjet services between Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX) and Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM) currently -Oct. 2019- offer two daily direct services.

See our introduction to Interjet

Interjet introduced its MEX-LIM flights -on May 5, 2016- with daily frequencies; according to a company press release celebrating its first anniversary of this route, the airline transported 73,314 passengers between Mexico and Peru during its first year of operations. On Nov. 15, 2018., Interjet announced that the company would up its MEX-LIM options to two daily services, thus doubling its options to the current offering.

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And … the next Peru-Mexico services on the menu from Interjet were direct flights between Lima (LIM) and the International Airport of Cancun (CUN), this recently introduced -on June 17, 2019- route offers  daily frequencies.

See Interjet in Cancun: Domestic / International

Interjet operates all the abovementioned routes using the company’s Airbus A320 aircraft -with seating for up to 150 passengers- and is one of two Mexican airlines that offer direct Mexico – Peru flights.

Interjet office – Lima:

Interjet telephone – Lima:
Lima: Call Center – 0800-00-722

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Peruvian-based airlines with direct flights to Mexico



avianca airlines in mexico
Avianca, the Star Alliance member airline, offers direct services between Lima and Mexico City, along with Lima to Cancun.

Avianca Airlines Peru -a Star Alliance member- connects Peru and Mexico with direct flights between the two capitals, as well as serving Cancun, on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

The Avianca Airlines Peru services between Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM-MEX) Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX) offer daily direct flights.

This carrier introduced its Lima (LIM-MEX) Mexico City route in 2009, while the Lima (LIM-CUN) Cancun services were launched in 2015., both services currently -Oct. 2019- being operated with the company’s Airbus A320 aircraft.

Avianca Peru -in July 2018- had a fleet of five Airbus aircraft and currently -Oct. 2019- connects 10 domestic destinations and 23 international options as its contribution to the Avianca Group.

See Avianca in Mexico City

The company’s Lima (LIM-CUN) Cancun International Airport (CUN) services are also offered on a daily basis.

See Avianca in Cancun

This company goes under the official name of Trans American Airlines (Taca Perú), and is part of the Avianca Airlines Group (Aerovias Nacionales del Continente Americano); Trans American Airlines owns 60%, with Avianca owning the remaining 40%.

Avianca Airlines Peru is one of two Peruvian-based airlines offering direct Peru – Mexico flights.

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official Avianca Airlines Peru Web site

Avianca Peru office – Lima:

Centro Comercial Real Plaza, Av. Paseo de la República 144, 2nd Floor, Office 201 // Av. Jose ​Pardo 811, Miraflores

Avianca Peru telephone – Lima:

(511) 511-8222 // Outside Lima – Peru: (0800) 5-1111

Avianca Airlines* Group members

Avianca Argentina / Avianca (Colombia) / Avianca Costa Rica
Avianca Ecuador / Avianca El Salvador / Avianca Guatemala
Avianca Honduras / Avianca Nicaragua / Avianca Perú

*Avianca also operates Helicol (Helicopter services) and Avianca Cargo

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LATAM Peru, a OneWorld member airline, as member of the LATAM Airlines Group, connects Lima with Cancun, and LimaMexico City.

LATAM Peru -formerly LAN Peru– nowadays forms part of the LATAM Airlines Group and is a OneWorld member airline. This airline offers 2 direct Mexican destinations from Peru in its route portfolio, thus connecting the capital cities of both countries, as well as offering services to Cancun.

One of the aforementioned LATAM Airlines Peru routes currently -Oct. 2019- connects Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM-MEX) Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport with daily direct flights operated with the company’s Boeing 767-300 aircraft.

See LATAM Airlines in Mexico City

The other LATAM Peru services between Peru and Mexico currently -Oct. 2019- connect the Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM-CUN) Cancun International Airport (CUN) with daily services.

As LAN Peru, the airline launched services in 1999, then became a member of the OneWorld Global Alliance in the year 2000. In 2011, the airlines LAN and TAM became associates and then formed the LATAM Airlines Group in 2012. The merger process was finalized in 2015 and thus LATAM Peru assumed the official colours and logo of LATAM Airlines.

LATAM Peru -in July 2018- had a network of 17 domestic destinations and -through the LATAM Group– offers 31 international options, with a fleet of just 2 Airbus aircraft.

See LATAM Airlines in Cancun

LATAM Airlines Peru is one of two Peruvian-based airlines to offer direct Peru – Mexico flights.

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official LATAM Airlines Peru Web site

LATAM Peru office – Lima:

Av. Garcilaso de la Vega 1337, Office 1001

LATAM Peru telephone – Lima:

01-213-8200 // Call Center: (01) 213 8200

LATAM Airlines* Group members

LATAM Argentina / LATAM Brasil / LATAM Chile / LATAM Colombia
LATAM Ecuador / LATAM Express / LATAM Paraguay / LATAM Perú

*LATAM Airlines also operates several cargo airlines which are not included here.

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Sky Airline Peru -an affiliate of the Chilean carrier Sky Airline– will land in Mexico -as of April 13, 2020- by uniting the Peruvian capital Lima (LIM-CUN) Cancun, on Mexico’s Caribbean coast; it also has plans to add services between Lima–Mexico City.

Sky Airline Peru -the affiliate airline of the Chilean carrier Sky Airline– has announced the launch of services between Lima (LIM-CUN) Cancun -beginning in April, 2020- and has also received permission from the Peruvian authorities to fly to the capital of the Mexican Republic: Mexico City, though no timetable has been given for the launch of the latter services.

Sky Airline was founded in 2001 and launched operations in 2002; nowadays this company operates as a Low Cost Carrier (LCC), after terminating the transition to the new operating model in 2017.

In Dec. 2018., Sky Airline applied for permission to create its affiliate airline Sky Airline Perú S.A.C. -commercial name Sky Airline Peru– and -on April 7, 2019., the new affiliate carrier launched operations and is currently the second most important carrier in this Latin American country; almost exactly one year after its operational launch, this carrier will begin international services and has chosen the Lima (LIM-CUN) Cancun services as its first cross-border route.

See Sky Airline Peru in Cancun

The carrier received its permission from the Peruvian authorities (Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones del Perú – MTC) to begin the said route on Nov. 22, 2019., and -at the same time- recieved approval to operate in 13 Latin American destinations, among them the capital of the Mexican Republic: Mexico City, though no announcement has yet been made as to when the services between these two Latin American capital cities are to be launched.

Other planned Sky Peru route launches -already approved by the Peruvian authorities- are as follows: Bogota, Guayaquil, La Paz, Montevideo, Panama City, Punta Cana, Quito, Río de Janeiro, Santa Cruz de la Sierra and São Paulo, throughout Latin America, as well as Fort Lauderdale and Miami, in the USA.

Sky Airline Peru -in Dec. 2019- had a network of 10 domestic destinations and was operating a fleet of 5 x Airbus A320neo aircraft.

ext-link-ora.pngto visit the official Sky Airline Peru Web site

Sky Airline Peru office – Lima:


Sky Airline Peru telephone – Lima:

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