Direct flights between Venezuela and Mexico


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Airlines serving the Venezuela-Mexico international niche

In recent times several foreign airlines have withdrawn services from Venezuela -citing economic problems- so it’s good to see new international routes being launched between this South American country and Mexico.

The flights will directly connect the Venzuelan capital with Mexico’s Caribbean coast, as well as to Toluca -State of Mexico- close to the Mexican capital, operated by the Venezuelan flagship carrier Conviasa.


Mexican airlines with direct flights to Venezuela


There are currently -Nov 2019- no Mexican airlines participating in the Venezuela-Mexico market. In the past, several Mexican carriers have covered this cross-border market, though the most recent was Aeroméxico, which withdrew services “indefinately” to this South American country -in June 2016- citing the “complex economic situation prevailing at the time” as the reason for the decision.


Venezuelan airlines with direct flights to Mexico


CONVIASA in Mexico

The Venezuelan flagship carrier Conviasa will launch services uniting the country’s capital Caracas (CCS) -as of Nov. 15, 2019- with Toluca (TLC), close to Mexico City.

The Venezuelan flagship carrier: Conviasa has launched the first of two direct cross-border routes between Venezuela and Mexico, to unite Caracas (CCS-TLC) Toluca -initially with a stopover in Cancun (CUN)– beginning on Nov. 15, 2019 and offers two flights per week.

Then -on Dec. 15- the CUN stopover will be dropped and the company will offer direct CCS-TLC flights, and thereafter the direct Caracas-Cancun route will be continued in its own right, meaning Conviasa will offer two direct routes to the Mexican Republic.

The Toluca Airport is close to the Mexican capital, to where many passengers take advantage of the shuttle services from the airport to the Santa Fé area of Mexico City.

See Conviasa in Cancun

On Nov. 28, 2004, Conviasa -official name: Consorcio Venezolano de Industrias Aeronáuticas y Servicios Aéreos S.A.– carried out its first flight when it took off from the general aviation airport of Óscar Machado Zuloaga (ICAO code: SVCS), located in Charallave -in the State of Miranda- and serving the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, followed -on Dec. 10, 2004- by the “official” launch of operations, from its base at the Simon Bolivar International Airport of Caracas (CCS).

In addition to the new international services to Mexico, Conviasa is launching several international routes in the near future, thus reestablishing the company’s international portfolio after withdrawing a whole host of cross-border options in 2016.


Conviasa office – Caracas:

Conviasa telephones:

Call center: 0500 – CONVIASA – (2668427) – Mon.-Fri. 08:00 to 17:00 hrs.
Sat., Sun. and public holidays from 09:00 to 17:00 hrs.

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