Mexican Airports


In this section, offers five different listings of Mexico’s airports, thus -hopefully- providing you with your preferred search option. As a quick introduction, the Top 5 Mexican Airports -regarding total passenger numbers- in 2018 were as follows: #1 Mexico City with 47,700,547 and #2 Cancun, which registered 25,202,016*; at #3 Guadalajara handled 14,340,152*; whilst at #4 Monterrey (MTY) received 10,733,186 passengers and at #5 Tijuana which posted a total of 7,823,744* passengers.


Here we provide an alphabetical list of Mexican airports by city included in our Web site, basically by the name of the city the airport serves, each with links to the information on the 61 airports currently included in our site.

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For those considering visiting Mexico by air, here we provide a list of Mexican airports by state, in this way you can see the best alternative for the city you wish to visit and read a (very) brief introduction to each state.

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Check out our alphabetical list of Mexican airports by IATA code, the full name of the organization being the International Air Transport Association (IATA), we currently provide information on 61 Mexican airports.

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Search through our information on Mexican airports by ICAO code, the full name being the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in total there are 61 airports on the list.

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For anyone wishing to visit Mexico by private aircraft, here we provide a list of Mexican ‘Entry’ airports, in reality, the list is divided into two sections, one for ‘jet and turbine’ aircraft, the other for ‘single and twin-engine’ aircraft. 

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Regarding the international niche in Mexico in 2018, just seven airports represented 93.8% of all cross-border visitors to the Mexican Republic, from an ever-increasing number of countries, and -for the second consecutive year- all Top 5 Mexican airports welcomed -over three million passengers in the international sector- as follows: #1 Mexico City with 17,201,961*; at #2 Cancun registered 16,424,506* international visitors; then, in position #3 Guadalajara handled 4,036,592*; placed at #4 Los Cabos posted a total of 3,400,127* international passengers, and at #5 Puerto Vallarta had a headcount of 3,061,865* visitors arriving on international flights. uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More