Direct flights between Central America / Caribbean and Mexico


Choose from the country-specific information on the airlines operating direct scheduled flights between Central America / the Caribbean and Mexico; there are currently nine countries from this region connected directly to Mexico by air … just click on the flag of your country of interest to see the airlines serving each specific cross-border niche.


Regarding the direct scheduled flight options between Belize and Mexico, the two capital cities of these countries were connected directly over the Winter 2018/19 season.

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Check out our list of direct scheduled flight options between Costa Rica and Mexico, in all, there are five airlines covering this international niche.

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Search through our information on the current direct scheduled flight options between Cuba and Mexico, there are several cities on offer in both countries.

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For those considering direct flights between the Dominican Republic and Mexico, here we provide details on the two Mexican carriers unting these two countries.

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Anyone planning on travelling between Central America and Mexico has a choice of four carriers offering direct scheduled services connecting El Salvador and the Mexican Republic.

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Regarding the Mexican carriers, the latest Central American country to welcome new routes from Mexico was El Salvador, when the ULCC Volaris added direct services to San Salvador -on May 1, 2019- uniting the Central American capital with the Mexican capital Mexico City as well as with Guadalajara with both routes launched offering scheduled flights four times per week.


Direct flight options between Guatemala and Mexico include three different carriers, all of which unite the capital cities of these two Latin American countries.

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Mexico’s flagship carrier is the only airline serving the Honduras – Mexico market niche with direct scheduled services, uniting San Pedro Sula and Mexico City.

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In the case of the direct scheduled services uniting Nicaragua and Mexico, once again the only airline covering this international niche is the Mexican flagship carrier.

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Direct flights between Mexico and Panama

There are two airlines serving the international niche of direct flights between Panama and Mexico, both of them being the respective flagship carriers of their countries.

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The Mexican ULCC Volaris recently confirmed -the certification for- the operation of its second Central American subsidiary, this time in El Salvador: official name Vuela El Salvador S.A. de C.V., the commercial name is Volaris El Salvador; for its part, Interjet -Mexico’s LCC- plans to open its first Central American subsidiary, so this Mexican carrier is the next in line to begin operations under an El Salvadoran Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More