Direct flights between Europe and Mexico


Choose from the country-specific information on the airlines operating direct flights between the ‘Old Continent’ and the Mexican Republic … just click on the flags to see details on the companies involved in this international niche including each carrier’s city-pair offering.


The current direct flight options between Belgium and Mexico are offered by just one carrier, uniting the Belgian capital and Mexico’s Caribbean resort of Cancun.

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Check out the direct flight options between France and Mexico, an international niche served by three airlines, one Mexican carrier and two French.

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Search through our information on the current direct flight options between Germany and Mexico, there are three carriers serving this trans-Atlantic niche, all German.

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Of the 11 European countries connected to Mexico by direct flights, no less than six of them are represented in this trans-Atlantic niche by their respective flagship carriers, as is Mexico … in total -according to figures released by the Mexican Transport and Communications Minstry (SCT)- the European-based carriers provided Mexico with 3,163,485 visitors in 2018. 


If you’re looking for direct flights between Holland and Mexico, here we provide details on the two flagship carriers serving this international niche, both connecting the two capital cities involved.

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For those searching for options regarding direct flights between Italy and Mexico, this trans-Atlantic niche is served by four carriers, with Milan, Rome and Verona serving as the Italian gateways to Mexico.

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In 2018 the top players in the direct Europe-Mexico flight niche were: #1 – TUI Fly with 552,101 passengers; at #2 – Iberia posted 498,198 passengers and at #3 – Lufthansa registered a headcount of 367,827 in this trans-Atlantic market throughout 2018, according to Mexico’s SCT.


The direct flight options between Portugal and Mexico include offers from two Portuguese carriers, both of which provide package deals to Cancun.

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There are currently two Russian carriers providing direct flights between Russia and Mexico, Azur Air and Nordwind Airlines, both connecting to Cancun.

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For those investigating the direct flight options between Spain and Mexico, here we detail the services on offer from the five carriers operating in this trans-Atlantic niche.

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The United Kingdom -in 2018- was the largest contributer to the Europe-Mexico niche with British-based carriers transporting 968,972 passengers to Mexico throughout period. Turkey became the most recent country addition to the Europe-Mexico niche -in August, 2019- when Turkish Airlines introduced flights between Istanbul-Mexico City-Cancun. The most recent route launch from Mexico to Europe were the Aeroméxico Mexico City (MEX-BCS) Barcelona -Spain- services, the sixth direct European destination this flagship carrier’s portfolio.


The trans-Atlantic offering of direct flights between Switzerland and Mexico comes in the form of just one Swiss airline, a carrier belonging to the world’s largest airline group: Lufthansa.

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The direct flights between Turkey and Mexico are the most recent addition regarding the trans-Atlantic niche between Europe and Mexico; in this case, operated by just one airline, the Turkish flagship carrier: Turkish Airways.

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The options regarding direct flights between the United Kingdom and Mexico include services from two UK-based airlines, together with Mexico’s flagship carrier: Aeroméxico.

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The most recent route launch from the Old Continent to a ‘new’ Mexican destination was on Nov. 8, 2019., when TUI UK united London (GTW-SJD) Los Cabos -on the tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula- to cover the Winter 2019/20 season. uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More